style guide

Why Style Guide?

Do you recognize the Starbucks logo and their green color? They use the same green color on their website, at their store, and in their advertisements. They also use the same type of images, and they have the same writing tone in their ads. They maintain consistency of produced marketing and advertising materials in the same way all Fortune 500 companies do: they use an official style guide. A style guide is a document that sets in stone the rules for your company’s logos, the colors that can be used, and the type of fonts allowed. It defines how you lay out your advertisements, what kind of images you use, and sometimes also a basic layout template for printed and web materials.

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How Do I Get More Google Reviews?

Do you see your competitors rising to the top of local search results, and the accompanying reviews from their customers and ask yourself,  “How do I get more Google reviews?”.  If so, read on for the top five ways to get more Google reviews for your business!  Reviews, especially Google reviews, are not only a critical component of a successful SEO strategy; they are also an effective way to get new customers interested by differentiating you through virtual word-of-mouth endorsements.

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