pay your marketing bill online

You Can Now Pay Your Marketing Bill Online

Paying for marketing services, website hosting and social media management tools just got a lot easier. We’ve added credit card payment to this site. This allows clients to pay online for internet marketing services, hosting services and subscriptions to Mi360.

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Facebook for Small Business Event- “Boost”- Worth Attending?

Today, I attended the Facebook for small business “Boost” event here at FAU in a Boca Raton. I stayed throughout, but would I recommend small business owners, seeking marketing help, to attend?

The short answer: it depends.

If you have a handle on the basics of creating a Facebook page, managing the content of your page, visiting the insights tab, and using Facebook Ads at even the most basic of levels, this event is a waste of precious time.

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how to make a meme, meme style

Official Meme Style Guide: How to make a meme.

Almost everyone knows what memes are. Most people have shared a meme or two in their day. For those who don’t or haven’t, memes are images with text added over top. They are an extremely effective way to get a point across. They’re great to use to make a point whether it’s a message you want to broadcast clearly, or a joke you want share. Images are the most often engaged with and shared method of posting, so in that regard, memes are arguably the most effective sharing vessel. They allow you to integrate text into an image that has potential to go viral.

Though many have seen them, not many create them with the appropriate meme style.

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