medical promotion south florida

Medical Promotion Client Success

“Biggest money day ever for the practice! “

Medical Promotion Success Story

Our client, a medical practice, has often organized events called “Open Houses.” Potential patients visit the offices in a relaxed atmosphere. Once they had visited, they were very likely to sign up and start being patients.

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campaign logo design

2016 Campaign Logo Design: Share Your Opinion

We want to hear what you think about this new campaign logo design: the new Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Logo.

People have already begun to talk about it on Twitter according to We’ve talked about how social media considerations should be part of your company logo design in previous blog posts. At least it’s squared up and ready for using as a profile photo. But are there things about it that make YOU like or not like?

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seo easier at massive impressions 2015

We made SEO easier for our clients.

We just made SEO easier for our clients and stakeholders. Now we’ve got an online SEO Worksheet that helps marketers get started with SEO.

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