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Improve Your Social Media Management with Mi360 from Massive Impressions Online Marketing

Optimize and improve your social media management efforts with Mi360.  Built for seasoned online advertisers and social media marketers who’ve run up against the limits of other tools, Mi360’s unique features allow marketers to to do things with marketing campaigns nobody else has done before. There’s been no social media management tool to make it happen until now.

Massive Social Messaging

Do more and see what’s working.

Mi360 provides unparalleled social media management features, ideal for customizing & broadcasting messages across large numbers of social presences at a high volume with the most granular analytic capabilities possible.

No other social management tool has the features that let you do more and be more accountable seamlessly.

Whether you need to management dozens of different client accounts, or hundreds of local social presences within a single corporation, Mi360 makes social media management easy – with a single log-in and unparalleled flexibility.

Smart Content Marketing

Applied other tools to social campaigns?

Turns out it’s not as easy as envisioned.

The devil’s in the details. Most of the tools out there end up falling short.

Mi360 is designed by people doing real social campaigns. It’s built to make social media management easier and more effective than ever before.

Mi360 brings social media management to the next level with real-time social notifications, multi-client and multi-presence capabilities, and the ability to know exactly what social channel, promotion and post is driving results.

Firedrill Reporting

Tired of scrambling for reports?

How long does it take to assemble one when you’re dealing with a dozen or more social presences?

Stakeholders want to see real results, and social media management means much more than just “engagement” or “share of voice”.  You need to incorporate those fluffy metrics with real results like audience growth, website visits and social advertising results. A feat few if any other social media management solutions can deliver.

Mi360 doesn’t just get you ready for the  fire drill that can come at any minute – it shows you details other systems can’t.

Mi360 is a Social Media Management Dream

“We’ve got a secret weapon.”

Social Media Management

Social media and online marketing data in unified in real time dashboards.

  • Automated Social Publishing: unified
  • Online Advertising: unified
  • E-mail Campaigns: unified
  • Reporting Your Stakeholders Expect: unified
  • Social Metrics
  • Social Engagement Monitoring: unified
  • Online Performance Gauges:
    • Responses
    • Conversions
    • Audience size
    • Social engagement (likes, shares, etc.)
    • Costs
  • Justify Every Effort with ROI Reporting
  • Optimize Every Effort with Real Time Metrics
  • Mature Tools Built by Professional Digital Marketers


Integrates with what you use the most.

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Reduce the labor involved in managing big social media campaigns.

Ease of Use

We’re professional marketers. We built these tools because they were what we needed to manage large social campaigns. We’ve tried the other tools and weren’t too impressed with how easily they were configured. A cumbersome configuration process might be OK for one or two social presences, but when you’re managing hundreds each second you can shave off the configuration process can add up. We’ve taken pains to make both the configuration and daily use of the system as painless and impact-rich as possible.

Marketing Precision

Be precise with your voice.

Other social media management systems automatically post links from RSS feeds without many options.

Mi360 has the industry’s best editing and scheduling tools. This lets you speak in your brand’s voice with more precision than ever.

Be precise with your numbers.

The Mi360 data model allows recording and reporting what’s important to marketers.

Compare Costs

Time saved is money earned.

Mi360 manages and publishes content more effectively than other tools. Savvy marketers use data from Mi360 to optimize budget allocation towards the channels with the most impact.

How much would Mi360 save you?

We’ll help you discover just how much time Mi360 will save you.  If you’re ready to improve and optimize your social media management ROI then you came to the right place.

Analytics Accuracy

Are your efforts effective?

Is your data accurate? Will the inaccuracy of the data cause indecision or worse, the wrong decision?

Mi360 reveals every data point.

It’s so accurate its results can be used to gauge low volume B2B campaign effectiveness on the tactical level.

Put Mi360 to work on your campaigns – today!

Are you a seasoned, smart marketer whose run against the wall with other social tools? We need businesses who see the power of leveraging online marketing and need a powerful platform now that it’s time to get serious. We are looking for campaigns that must get results, campaigns ready to move beyond social posing, and move into showing numbers. Fill out the form below and make your competition say “How did they do that?”

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How does Mi360 make content marketing more powerful than ever?

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Mi360 has features that no other content marketing management systems offer.

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Mi360 started with a need. From there it’s grown to fill many needs. It’s changed to keep up with what’s important to marketers in the digital world.

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