Staffing Blogs: Critical to Social Media and SEO Success

Is your staffing firm leveraging blogs? We’ve been creating innovative staffing blogs and content marketing strategies for staffing companies since 2006.  With eight years of success under our belts, we invite you to take a look at our work – and learn about the success we’ve achieved for our clients.

We don’t just use staffing blogs with the hope that people will read it and comment – we’re more realistic than that.  We use staffing blogs as a publishing base to distribute our staffing industry clients’ content across multiple social media outlets – making it a hub, an funnel for website traffic into the candidate and client sections of their websites.

The Importance of Staffing Industry Thought Leadership

This blog was developed to establish a thought leadership position for an RPO firm.  It featured articles and insights from it’s key executives and subject matter experts.  It was used as a touchpoint for Twitter and traditional P.R. to staffing industry press.

Multi-Channel Staffing Presence

This blog was the prototype for establishing a content publication base for distributing content across multiple local social media presences.  It presented both client focused staffing articles and candidate job search and career advice content.

Raise Brand Awareness

This blog was created for a construction and skilled trades staffing company, and was used as a “base” for the publishing and distribution of content across over 150 local, social media presences and targeted blue collar workers in an effort to help raise brand awareness and drive passive candidates to the company’s main website.

Keep Your Industry Peers & Investors Updated

This staffing industry blog had two goals: 1) create a distribution platform for company updates, thought leadership and announcements that wasn’t a pure “press release” play (2) position and garner positive industry exposure for CEO of the organization.

Utilize Your Content Properly

This professional recruiting firm began to re-purpose their monthly newsletter content and articles to help support their search engine optimization efforts by driving newsletter recipients to their domain, via the blog.

Create an Innovative Blog

This innovative blog was developed to deliver true thought leadership content from a Fortune 500 staffing and recruiting company with multiple brands across many segments of the staffing industry.  It allowed them to showcase their management and director level subject matter experts, and distribute content across the web via mutiple brands without causing brand confusion.

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