pay your marketing bill online

You Can Now Pay Your Marketing Bill Online

Paying for marketing services, website hosting and social media management tools just got a lot easier. We’ve added credit card payment to this site. This allows clients to pay online for internet marketing services, hosting services and subscriptions to Mi360.

In a continuing effort to mature beyond the role of “shoemaker’s child” we’ve finally gotten our acts together and upgraded our own web presence to accept credit card payments. This means projects can start quicker, checks don’t need to be written, and postage can be saved. Clients can now invest in more complete packages up front and leverage the ability to pay over time through  their credit card accounts.

Why we made it so you can pay your marketing bill online:

  • This benefits clients with recurring charges, such as Mi360 subscriptions and hosting, by removing the hassle involved in receiving bills from us, having to remember to pay on time, and having to consume checks, postage and the time it takes to send out a payment.
  • This benefits clients who want to pay immediately, when the need is top-of-mind, and not needing to remember to follow up on an invoice payment.
  • Now our invoices include a direct link to pay online if you need to. Clicking on that link in an invoice from Massive Impressions will launch the payment window directly with the invoice number and payment amount filled in. So this benefits clients by just taking less time.

Of course, when clients pay via credit card, we get charged a small percentage surcharge. For this reason we recommend that large invoice amounts be paid by check, instead of credit card.

If your business would benefit from letting clients pay via credit or debit card online, consider Massive Impressions to be your implementation source. We will make your ability to take online payments as easy as possible, in the quickest amount of time. Ask us to help you, and in no time your business will be an “online business” more completely.




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