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Are The Best Tricks Your SEO Knows The Ones They Play On YOU?

Are The Best Tricks Your SEO Knows The Ones They Play On YOU?

SEO, optimizing your site’s content and relationship to the web, is not rocket science. Nor is SEO some hocus-pocus process that only “experts” can effectively understand. SEO is simply about making your site rank for the terms your audience are using in search engines. Ranking at the top, for the terms your audiences are using the most, will get you the most clicks from the qualified audience you need. There are specific tactics that can cause your site to get closer to the top. There’s no “tricks” to it, but many of today’s “SEO experts” are tricky. The tricks they play don’t get sites ranked higher. Instead the tricks are played on their customers. They’re tricks that get more hard-earned money from the people depending on them the most. Learn what these trick are and how to avoid getting tricked.

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My Last Web Guy Stole My Website

“He Stole My Website” – How WordPress Website Owners Can Protect Sites From Bad Webmasters

We hear this repeated to us over and over: “My last web guy took my website and won’t give it back.” Getting the site back isn’t impossible, but sometimes it can be costly, sometimes it can be a pain. The pain of having trusted someone, and then having that trust betrayed is often worse than the effort it take to recover it. If you know what to ask for, how to protect yourself, bad developers and webmasters won’t be so certain they can give you a hard time. They’ll think twice before trying to steal your site from you.

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The Launch of Our Online Shop

Massive Impressions is proud to announce our online shop going online.  We’re selling the marketing technologies we create and publish directly. Art Gallery Plugin, the first product we’re offering through this store, allows artists and gallery owners to curate their talent and work easier and more effectively than ever before.

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Business Listing Plugin Features Added to Help With Coronavirus Response

Massive Impressions has published a free, open-source tool in order to help website owners coordinate emergency notifications in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Local businesses that are impacted by the need to change hours and adjust conditions for clients can have their information updated as quickly as it changes, easily thanks to the power of WordPress. This gives site visitors accurate, updated business information. Using this plugin on a website helps visitors save time and can be used to help people be more safe, limiting unnecessary contact and avoiding fruitless travel.

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Massive Impressions is now an Partner – Making YOUR E-commerce Faster and More Accountable

In a commitment to continually improve the quality and scope of services offered we’re now proud to announce another ability. Now Massive Impressions can provision your and credit card processing accounts directly. After years of developing turn-key e-commerce websites, our ability to accelerate our clients ability to sell online has even gotten more powerful. We get your business online, accepting money, the fastest.

Business Listing Plugin Released

Today we added a new plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory on It’s called “Business Listing Plugin.” We’ve been using it to manage business listings on already. This release is a free open-source version, so if you want to use it, go ahead!

The plugin can be found on, in the official directory of approved plugins.

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Electronic Agent Consideration - Getting AI to choose your brand

Electronic Agent Consideration: When AI Thinks About YOU

What is Electronic Agent Consideration? It’s the term that describes what’s going on when robots, artificial intelligence, compares your products and services to your competitors. Why is this important? When people use artificial intelligence to make decisions they expect their robots to be smart and live up to “intelligence” part, not just be some artificial voice that responds thoughtlessly with bad information.

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Structured Data Marketing - Content Marketing for AI

Structured Data Marketing

Structured Data Marketing is to yesterday’s online marketing like yesterday’s online marketing was to print.  It’s a way to make web pages so that robots understand them better. It’s immediately important, today, for making search engines send more traffic.  Artificial intelligence needs certainty when determining what conclusions to deliver: what pizza place to call, what airline has the best deals, what car is safest. There’s no better way to publish information so that tomorrow’s digital agents connect your business with tomorrow’s customers with certainty, the certainty needed to make a recommendation and sale.
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One of the Worst Myths of SEO: Popularity Drives Ranks

Does a site’s search engine rank improve from increased popularity, from more people visiting a site? 

Does Popularity Drive Ranks? This is a very common belief about SEO, but it’s really not one of the major factors that determines which webpages appear first on Google searches. It does seem intuitive that Google would consider how much traffic a site gets when it’s trying to decide whether it’s credible or not, whether it should be sent more traffic. However, this hasn’t been a useful metric for Google from the start. Once you understand how SEO works it becomes a little clearer why using traffic as a metric doesn’t necessarily help Google meet its goals.

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