Features beyond Social Media Management Tools
Look at what Mi360 can do!

Social Content Publishing Integrated with Ad Management & Analytics

Catalog, automate, and report on inbound marketing efforts from one system

Other Social Media Management Tools Don’t Compare

  • See marketing efforts across your entire enterprise in one dashboard
  • Automatic data collection & ad hoc data point entry in a unified model
  • Track inbound performance from ads, micro sites, directories, e-mails, and social posts side-by-side
  • Real-time conclusions rolled up combined with the granularity of web log files
  • Highly configurable social metric collection from Facebook & Twitter APIs

Unequalled Transparency: Separate the bots from the bodies. Don’t get confused by social traffic or ripped off in ad buys.

  • Track performance of digital promotions and investments with granularity
  • Optimize ad buys & negotiate lower costs when you have real-time comparisons
  • NO BLACK BOX DATA ! You’ll never go back to not knowing.
  • See every data point with the accountability you need to make sense of your numbers.

GeoTagging & Localization

Enterprise Level Reports with Instant Answers, Detailed Answers & Answers to Work From

Social Media Management for Experts Like You

  • Compare apples to oranges because it all boils down to costs vs return
  • Get the answers stakeholders expect- not just the easiest ones to collect
  • Unified social media notification viewing with reports you can bring to stakeholders
  • WordPress Integration Plugin, DotNetNuke Plugin, PHP script and Jquery integration

Social Content Curation & Amplification

  • Easily Manage Hundreds of Social Presences
  • Perfect for Local Social Strategies
  • Geographic Customization of Posts
  • Unique Brand Ambassador Social Functionality
  • Posting & Data Collection 24/7

facebook  twitter_bird_48x48 linkedin rss

  • Amplification
    • Highly matured RSS to social automation mechanism
    • Auto-Schedule Posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • Put inbound tracking tags on other Posts to other Social Channels
    • Add hundreds of unique Posts across date ranges in seconds
  • Multi Post Copy & Multi Post Delete you’ve been dreaming about
    • Made a big mistake and need to delete posts quickly? Mi360 makes it happen in seconds.
    • Record and retain deleted posts for legal and standards compliance
  • Per-presence post customization from a single post entry
  • Pre-post scheduling & post-posting retention not found in other tools