Mi360 Posts to LinkedIn Company Pages

Mi360 Posts to LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn now allows Mi360 to post to Company Pages. This makes curating content across social channels easier. Users asked for it, so now we’ve delivered. Posting to LinkedIn Company Pages through Mi360 is easy and leverages the same advantage Mi360 provides to social posts: campaign ID tagging, silent metric collection and real-time dashboard views.

Mi360 is Now Posting to LinkedIn Company Pages.

In addition to having a Profile on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Users can to create Company Pages. These social presences are similar to Facebook Pages. They can be managed by multiple LinkedIn Users, collect metrics independent of Profiles, and represent a brand independent of what people share on behalf of themselves.

Mi360 can now post to LinkedIn Company pages independent of user intervention, automatically, scheduled and triggered by artificial intelligence. For example, RSS feeds can be monitored in the same manner Mi360 currently does for other types of social media presences. When a new item appears in the RSS feed, Mi360 decides what to do with it based on how it’s configured. It can schedule a post for tomorrow or any time in the future, edit the content of the post before it gets shared, hold a post for editing before it gets shared and more. Lots of advanced curating tools have evolved into Mi360, and this ability to post to LinkedIn Company Pages takes advantage of them all.

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