Marketing Turnaround Time and Rate Adjustments

In the marketing world, everyone wants their work turned around right away. At Massive Impressions our goal is to deliver quality work at a low price, delivered as quickly as our clients expect. When we do production work on our client’s assets, the amount of time it takes us to deliver a finished result is referred to as Turnaround Time.

We have a standard marketing turnaround time for production requests and the option of requesting accelerated marketing turnaround time too.

Standard Marketing Turnaround Time is 10 Work Days (Standard TAT)

When something needs to be produced, we ask our clients to submit their request, directions and resources completely 10 working days ahead of when it needs to be delivered, sent or published. If clients collaborate with us to define their expectations completely and accurately, the actual turnaround time that results from a request is lower than 10 days. We’re eager to deliver quickly, but sometimes it’s not practical, so a 10 day standard turnaround is what we communicate to set expectations.

Often, assets will not be available to complete production until some event very close to the deadline. In this cases, providing the delivery and production is scheduled and reserved ahead of time, and events occur on schedule, Standard TAT rates are still charged.

Accelerated Marketing Turnaround Time is 72 hours (Rapid TAT)

Often a project arises that needs to be addressed within the span of a few days, and standard TAT isn’t going to make the deadlines. We offer Rapid TAT at an adjusted rate of 1.5x our hourly rate. When an asset needs to be published or delivered quickly, but not immediately, this level of turnaround allows our clients to expect the work  performed quickly but not have to pay as much as Immediate Turnaround

Immediate Marketing Turnaround Time is 24 hours (Rush TAT)

If something needs to be produced and delivered within 24 hours of its assets being available for production, or directions initially given, then we charge 2x the normal hourly amount for Rush Marketing Turnaround Time. We communicate whether we can meet expectations before an effort is started providing clear written directions and expectations are provided. Iteration on approvals and direction is often required multiple times between our producers and client stakeholders during these rush production events, so validating stakeholder availability is critical before requesting Rush TAT.