Not Using Latest Official Social Media Icons Can Stop Your Ads and Promos From Running.

Recently at Massive Impressions we had one of our own ads shut off. We were running this video ad shown here, promoting our general services via  Facebook and Google+. The video doesn’t show anything controversial, it doesn’t make any wild claims, but it does have social media icons in it. The problem is: it doesn’t have the official social media icons in it.

It ran for a while on Facebook, and had an extremely low cost per view, but after two days Facebook told us it didn’t meet their brand guidelines. We were using an old version of their logo in it. See if you can spot the difference between the logo in the video and the logo shown below.

After having the upload rejected, we learned that the improper use of the social media icons may hinder promotions to any of these sites. Next time you use icons in your ad or video, be sure to use the latest social media icons, add that to your video and ad production checklist

Here are some of the latest official social media icons and links to their branding guidelines pages with downloads:

Facebook’s Official Icon
(as of Jan. 2016)


Twitter’s Official Icon
(as of Jan. 2016)


LinkedIn’s Official Icon
(as of Jan. 2016)


Google Plus Official Icon
(as of Jan. 2016)

Before you go through the effort of producing a video or even a banner ad, make sure you’re using Official Social Media Icons, the logos that these companies are very picky about.

They’ll only let you use their logos if you’re using the right one.