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Click and conversion counting on Drupal now available for Mi360

One of Mi360’s strongest features is its ability to count inbound clicks and conversions automatically and in real time. Our Social Media Management tool is now showing click and conversion counting on Drupal just like it has done with WordPress. In order to provide the widest number of marketers access to Mi360’s data collection features we’re now making our Drupal Module available for Drupal users. This means that companies who use Drupal as the CMS for their website can now see inbound traffic in real time too, just like WordPress users have enjoyed until now.

Now Mi360 can do Click and Conversion Counting on Drupal

If your company uses Drupal and is looking for a smart way to automate your inbound efforts, consider Mi360. Mi360 users who’ve used the WordPress Plugin called “Mi360 Count Collector” have been able to add counter scripts to their site with ease. Now Drupal users can take advantage of the same degree of accuracy and precision – with the same degree of ease.

What does Mi360 tell marketers who are using Drupal?

Mi360 lets Drupal users see, in real time, what ads and posts are being clicked on. It lets marketers see where the click is coming from and whether the visitor to the Drupal site finally converts, fills out a form, makes an appointment or buys something.

If your company is using Drupal, and you’ve been waiting for the Drupal Module to be released, you can find the link to download the Drupal Module in the Account Settings > My Organization > Dictionary Tab. When configuring the module, or the WordPress Plugin, use the 4 character client code displayed in Mi360 as the Client Code.



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