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autoresponders and forwarders are liabilities now

Autoresponders and Forwarders Cause Too Many Problems

We’re getting rid of autoresponders and forwarders configured through all our hosted accounts. Here’s why:

Autoresponders and forwarders are the mechanisms that were, for a long time, useful for managing the flow of email. These mechanisms generated automated responses and the automated re-routing of email messages. They were popular for both users and administrators. However, the Internet is always evolving. Things that may have been safe and widely used in the past are often misused and abused. The frequency of problems that arise from using an online tool, tactic, or convention soon become more of a liability than the value justifies. These two mechanisms, autoresponding and automated forwarding, are now being considered by many service providers as being too risky to allow.  Read more

we help sites that got suspended

My Site Got Suspended. What should I do?

You’re probably reading this because your site got suspended. Fear not. It happens. The best of us have been there before, and we’ve escaped to advertise again.

Imagine this: You’ve finally started getting results with your ad campaign. People are visiting your website. Customers are buying. It’s an enormous relief because you weren’t certain whether the campaign would work, worrying that it might cost too much and fail to demonstrate adequate results. But now it’s clear that the risk payed off; traffic is high and costs are low. Smooth sailing.

But then, one day, things change. The traffic slows down. Sales diminish. Then you notice that your ads have stopped running. New business isn’t being directed to your website. What happened? A notification you receive tells you that your ad campaign isn’t running because now your site is suspended.

Your site got suspended. What should you do?

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managing facebook ads

How do I let someone start managing Facebook Ads for me? Answers here!

Managing Facebook Ads is now a common responsibility among advertising and marketing professionals, but you don’t have to be a pro to take advantage of Facebook Ads. You can create and manage the ads yourself, or hire a company like ours to produce and start managing Facebook Ads for you. It boils down to how much time you have to learn how to do it, how much effort you can expend optimizing your buys, and whether you can afford to take time away from facets of running your business that require your attention. Lots of businesses who’ve experimented with advertising on Facebook have concluded that better results are obtained by leveraging expertise from professional marketers.

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Beware the Danger of Over-Managing Your Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business listing is an important part of appearing properly on search engine listings. It appears on search listings where a the name of a business is typed in as the search term. It shows all sorts of extra information about your business. This is extended information that wouldn’t normally be showing in normal search results, the search results where your businesses is listed alongside competitors. You have to be careful though, because if you aren’t careful with how you handle that listing, you can get it suspended, and customers who are searching for you on Google won’t be able to find you.

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using google docs for seo cornerstone

Google Drive is the Killer App for SEO Cornerstone Diagrams

Over the last couple years, the SEO strategy we’ve employed at Massive Impressions has evolved. When our clients engaged us to improve their site’s search engine ranking in 2015, a lot of our work last year was based on the content marketing principle of developing cornerstone content.

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whats the right size for a marketing budget?

How can I calculate my ideal marketing budget?

What should we be spending on our ideal marketing budget? It’s a critical question that every business needs to answer when they’re positioned to grow. The brands we all recognize got their market share by spending the correct amount they needed to invest for growth, spending a big proportion on marketing and advertising. What’s the right size marketing budget for your business? We can help you answer that, here, now, on this website, easily. To find out, please read on.  

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social media for business

Social Media for Business: Profiles vs. Pages

We all know someone who uses their business name instead of just their real name in their social media account. Instead of “Joe Mendez” they go by the name “Joe’s Plumbing” on Facebook. This isn’t the way Facebook or LinkedIn is intended to be used. Having an account like this might have very negative consequences that can be avoided. You could have your hard work taken away from you when the account is terminated for going against policies. Plus, having an account like this is embarrassing; it makes it look like you don’t know what you’re doing.