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medical promotion south florida

Medical Promotion Client Success

“Biggest money day ever for the practice! “

Medical Promotion Success Story

Our client, a medical practice, has often organized events called “Open Houses.” Potential patients visit the offices in a relaxed atmosphere. Once they had visited, they were very likely to sign up and start being patients.

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seo easier at massive impressions 2015

We made SEO easier for our clients.

We just made SEO easier for our clients and stakeholders. Now we’ve got an online SEO Worksheet that helps marketers get started with SEO.

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does your company logo work for social

Make the Move to Social Media Icons with Your Company Logo

Social media has revolutionized the way companies market and design their company logo.  Social media allows consumers to interact directly with the brand. This requires recognizing brands among a sea of competition for attention.  Those tools include quickly identifiable company logos called icons. Many corporations have taken to social media by simplifying their logos to a more direct icon, so that it’s more recognizable.

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Logo Design Tips: Why Logo Design for Social is Different

Here are some logo design tips that can help your company look better on social media: make it square, make it bold, and use elements people recognize. These logo design tips help logos get recognized and remembered. This post examines how the three tips we’re suggesting have been employed successfully for years in something we’re all familiar with now: the Periodic Table of the Elements.

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Facebook for Small Business Event- “Boost”- Worth Attending?

Today, I attended the Facebook for small business “Boost” event here at FAU in a Boca Raton. I stayed throughout, but would I recommend small business owners, seeking marketing help, to attend?

The short answer: it depends.

If you have a handle on the basics of creating a Facebook page, managing the content of your page, visiting the insights tab, and using Facebook Ads at even the most basic of levels, this event is a waste of precious time.

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how to make a meme, meme style

Official Meme Style Guide: How to make a meme.

Almost everyone knows what memes are. Most people have shared a meme or two in their day. For those who don’t or haven’t, memes are images with text added over top. They are an extremely effective way to get a point across. They’re great to use to make a point whether it’s a message you want to broadcast clearly, or a joke you want share. Images are the most often engaged with and shared method of posting, so in that regard, memes are arguably the most effective sharing vessel. They allow you to integrate text into an image that has potential to go viral.

Though many have seen them, not many create them with the appropriate meme style.

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We Fixed a Website that had a Serious Problem

Yay! We’re so happy. We fixed a website that had a difficult problem to remedy. It took patience and thinking out of the box to solve this problem, but we did it.

There’s often a serious problem with websites that owners overlook. This problem can drive away traffic before they even get to your site. It can strike fear in the hearts of your potential customers, and tarnish your brand unfairly. It can make your website look like a dangerous place to visit, and make new potential visitors never want to come back.

What is it? What can turn a website into a monster? What did we do to fix the website and make it all right again?

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development instances in web design

Does your Web Developer use a Development Instance?

Today’s modern websites are not the simple collection of files they once were in the past. Today’s content management system (CMS)  based websites  can bring together the work of dozens of people and give a business person the publishing power that only web developers had ten years ago. In a rapid, frequent publishing environment, particularly when dynamic features are involved, doing testing on features before they go live is absolutely critical. Doing testing on a live site can be risky, damage  the site, or cause an unexpected user experience. This is why we use Development Instances, copies of the website installed on testing servers, when we’re in a maintenance role for an online investment such as a website or app. There are great benefits to doing this in terms of development speed and improving collaboration on updates.

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