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development instances in web design

Does your Web Developer use a Development Instance?

Today’s modern websites are not the simple collection of files they once were in the past. Today’s content management system (CMS)  based websites  can bring together the work of dozens of people and give a business person the publishing power that only web developers had ten years ago. In a rapid, frequent publishing environment, particularly when dynamic features are involved, doing testing on features before they go live is absolutely critical. Doing testing on a live site can be risky, damage  the site, or cause an unexpected user experience. This is why we use Development Instances, copies of the website installed on testing servers, when we’re in a maintenance role for an online investment such as a website or app. There are great benefits to doing this in terms of development speed and improving collaboration on updates.

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managed hosting offer 2014

Super-Fast, Managed Hosting Offer 2014

We’ve got a managed hosting offer for YOU! We’ve just provisioned a new server and we have four (4) premium slots left on it. Each slot gets it’s own IP address, it’s own isolated web space and 24/7 monitoring for hands-free confidence in our fastest, most secure hosting environment & service package. Act now to grab one of these slots for only $275/month. No obligation, cancel at any time.

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local seo

Congratulations to our client: CardioMenderMD Weight Loss – Choosing us for SEO pays off

Looking at search engine rank reports and seeing great results for our clients is always a source of pride at Massive Impressions.

We’ve been working with our client, CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists in Pembroke Pines, FL, for three years.  We set-up their robust social media presence, built their social audience, launched a consistent content marketing program and most importantly optimized all of their website content for local search.

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the term headhunter

Staffing Industry SEO: Who is Winning in 2014 for the Term: Headhunter

Headhunter: the Blog Post. In this post we’re going deep into the industry, deeper than most insiders ever care to trek. In this post we’re exploring the term “headhunter” and how it’s used in the jungle that is the online Staffing & Recruiting digital ecosystem. We look at which websites are ranking on Google for the term “headhunter” in 2014.

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holiday week marketing

It’s a Holiday Week! (so save the good stuff for later)

This week has a holiday in it. So that means there’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that the week is short and Friday is 4th of July. Whoo Hoo! The bad news is that it’s a bad time to reach audiences online. So we’re basically holding back the incredibly engaging blog post we wrote for this week. We’ll be posting it next week instead. Learn why we’re not letting our good stuff out this week.

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drinking the kool-aid

Don’t Go Drinking the Kool-Aid with your Marketing

People in your industry have a certain lingo. People in your company are familiar with the terms you use within your company. To sound like you know what you’re talking about in your industry, you’ve got to use the right jargon, right? Using the snazzy terms that separate your company from your competition is critical, right?

Wrong. Talking like that when you’re doing internet marketing is bad. You won’t reach the audiences that you need to reach. You’ll be doing what we call in marketing, “Drinking the Kool-Aid”. Here’s why that’s bad.

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healthcare staffing industry seo

Healthcare Staffing Industry SEO: Who is Winning on Google in 2014

Who are the Healthcare Staffing Industry winners and losers on Google for 2014? Want to know how your company is stacking-up against the competition in the healthcare staffing industry? Who is doing best among Healthcare Staffing businesses when it comes to getting shown first on Google? This article reveals who’s winning the SEO competition, getting the most visitors who are searching for “healthcare staffing” from Google .  There are clear reasons why the winners are winning; we’ll explain those reasons to you.

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who is ranking on google for it staffing industry 2014

IT Staffing Industry SEO: Who’s Winning on Google in 2014

Who are the IT Staffing Industry winners and losers on Google this year? Want to know how your company is stacking-up against the competition?  Who is getting the best rank: them or you? The big guys or the little guys? The national players or your neighbors?  Who is doing best in the IT Staffing business when it comes to getting shown first on Google? This article reveals who’s winning and provides some insight into why they’re winning.

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5 Better Levels of Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is what marketers are working for. Audience engagement is what happens when a marketer connects effectively with the right people in their market, and gets them to do what the marketer needs. Getting audience engagement isn’t easy, it takes smart tactics for driving it, increasing it, and making it cost-effective. Often times there’s not much opportunity or budget to engage audiences beyond the level of printed brochures; the basics just need covering. We all know where most brochures end up, so digital marketers today understand that they need to step up their game beyond brochure type sites.

The techniques we marketers favor, ever since the advent of the web, are constantly changing and have always been evolving. Now we’re in the beginning of the third decade of online marketing. We’ve learned that different levels of audience engagement yield different rates of return; the more evolved levels perform better than the less evolved levels. If you’re communicating better, you’re getting better results. Pay attention to how your efforts fall into one of these five levels of audience engagement. If you can recognize a better opportunity to engage, go for it! Read more