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Does misfortune make better brand loyalty?

When something bad happens to a company, to a brand, does that misfortune contribute to brand loyalty? This is the question we were asking ourselves here at Massive Impressions Online Marketing. We know that people use brands to express themselves. Brand loyalty is sometimes displayed as a token to define identity. But what happens when something bad happens to a brand, a venue, a property, or just even a single store? Does that make better brand loyalty or do people disassociate from the brand as a result? We have to know.

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2016 Campaign Logo Design: Share Your Opinion

We want to hear what you think about this new campaign logo design: the new Hillary Clinton 2016 Campaign Logo.

People have already begun to talk about it on Twitter according to We’ve talked about how social media considerations should be part of your company logo design in previous blog posts. At least it’s squared up and ready for using as a profile photo. But are there things about it that make YOU like or not like?

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