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We Fixed a Website that had a Serious Problem

Yay! We’re so happy. We fixed a website that had a difficult problem to remedy. It took patience and thinking out of the box to solve this problem, but we did it.

There’s often a serious problem with websites that owners overlook. This problem can drive away traffic before they even get to your site. It can strike fear in the hearts of your potential customers, and tarnish your brand unfairly. It can make your website look like a dangerous place to visit, and make new potential visitors never want to come back.

What is it? What can turn a website into a monster? What did we do to fix the website and make it all right again?

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local seo

Congratulations to our client: CardioMenderMD Weight Loss – Choosing us for SEO pays off

Looking at search engine rank reports and seeing great results for our clients is always a source of pride at Massive Impressions.

We’ve been working with our client, CardioMender, MD Weight Loss Specialists in Pembroke Pines, FL, for three years.  We set-up their robust social media presence, built their social audience, launched a consistent content marketing program and most importantly optimized all of their website content for local search.

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Effective, Affordable Dental & Medical Practice Online Marketing

Client Challenge: After investing a great deal of resources and time into their practice website, a South Florida dental practice had not gained any traction with search engines, and could not document website traffic increases or new appointments generated through the Internet. They also continued to invest in print media, at a cost of $200 – $400 per inquiry – and at a very low volume of response, sometimes less than one call in any given month that their print ad ran.

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B2B List Building & Lead Gen

The Client Challenge: Building Qualified B2B E-Mail Lists for F500 Company. Following a multi-million dollar investment in print advertising, this F500 saw little to no increase in brand awareness. Facing shrinking budgets and increased demands for budget accountability, the marketing team sought Massive Impressions’ expertise to develop an impactful interactive advertising program targeted to their B2B prospects and clients.  They wanted a cost-effective program that supported their brand strategy and fulfilled executive mandates to establish a metrics framework and deliver marketing accountability.

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B2B Online Lead Generation Campaigns

Online B2B Lead Generation Campaigns
Target Niche Audiences & Build Qualified Lead Lists with Internet Advertising

The Client Challenge

This F500 contact center services provider enjoyed the benefit of decades of brand awareness among its core audiences.  Online marketing was used as a predictable tool to generate B2B leads.   However, when corporate goals mandated expansion into new industries; they found themselves faced with lackluster results when trying to duplicate their online lead generation efforts in these new industries.

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B2B Lead Generation Case Study

Generating Leads in the Healthcare Industry

The Client Challenge

Following a shift in the business environment, this Fortune 500, business to business services provider decided to target new industries.  One of which was the healthcare industry, but a very targeted niche within the healthcare industry – health insurance payer organizations.

Their goals were to use online marketing to drive low cost leads, establish an opt-in database and grow brand awareness in this new vertical industry.

Their challenges included a limited budget, a media landscape with very little targeted to such a niche audience and virtually no brand awareness with their target audience.

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