B2B Lead Generation Case Study

Generating Leads in the Healthcare Industry

The Client Challenge

Following a shift in the business environment, this Fortune 500, business to business services provider decided to target new industries.  One of which was the healthcare industry, but a very targeted niche within the healthcare industry – health insurance payer organizations.

Their goals were to use online marketing to drive low cost leads, establish an opt-in database and grow brand awareness in this new vertical industry.

Their challenges included a limited budget, a media landscape with very little targeted to such a niche audience and virtually no brand awareness with their target audience.

The Online Marketing Solution

Massive Impressions conducted a series of six Media Effectiveness Tests.

Media Effectiveness Testing leverages the internet to validate media selections before investing heavily in any particular medium. These tests provided us with data about the audiences being reached by specific publications through short-term, low-cost online media buys.

Promotional response rates and audience quality (through registration data) were reviewed. This advertising intelligence was leveraged to identify the media vehicles, tactics and promotions that delivered the best results, which were then engaged for a larger buy.

Following review of the client’s available materials and their goal to gather metrics and generate sales leads, Massive Impressions developed an offer based creative strategy that compensated for the lack of brand recognition in the healthcare industry by offering white papers written about highly relevant topics (e.g. Medicare D legislations).  The offers also leaned on third party credibility (a joint paper with a leading industry analyst) to overcome the client’s relative lack of name recognition in the healthcare industry.

The Results

Massive Impressions conducted online media effectiveness testing with over 12 publications, all claiming to reach at least some percentage of the healthcare insurance industry market the client was targeting.

Two top performing publications were identified – each delivering a minimum of 20% of this niche audience. Once identified, these media outlets were used to do A/B testing of offers and creative to identify the most effective combinations.

These online marketing efforts resulted in a 975% INCREASE in conversions and a 92% DECREASE in the cost per lead over a three campaign cycle.

Improved Lead Conversion Rates

                                    Phase 1:   4%     Phase 2:  26%    Phase 3: 39%

Improved Cost Per Lead

Phase 1: $677    Phase 2:  $135    Phase 3: $48

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