Massive Impressions is located in South Florida, providing Miami online marketing services and solutions under this brand name for over a decade. We’ve got local experience, knowledge of the area, and style to match the demands of  businesses in Miami and South Florida. We meet goals on time, within budgets, and exceed expectations.


Since 1996 our founders have excelled in the online space, helping a South Beach Music Video Network, THE BOX, get acquired by MTV. Pioneering internet radio, live streaming and social engagement tactics, we’ve blazed the trail for Miami Online Marketing phenomenon leading South Beach brands to make their mark on the Internet through North and South America. Pelish was part of THE WOMB, first a pirate radio station then a streaming live phenomenon, syndicated by through South America, streaming electronic music on the Internet still.


We installed one of South Beach’s first webcams, and streamed the first concert live from Bayfront Park in collaboration with Viacom, Sony and Columbia Records. Record labels depended on us to represent their artists online and we’ve facilitated artists in other media getting online and reaching new audiences.

An early artifact of Miami Online Marketing- - A Banner from THE BOX

This is a web banner Jason Pelish designed back in 1995. It was made with 256 colors, back when GIFs and JPEGs were the only type of images allowed.

Bringing Miami Online

Now we work with web design, particularly high-end features like e-commerce, social API integration, customized CMS systems configured with unique business rules and taxonomy. We’ve pioneered some interesting and effective SEO methodology. Our display advertising campaigns get record-driving results, leveraging HTML5 and expertise in messaging, design and animation. Our email campaigns reach all over South Florida, now using responsive, mobile-friendly design. We leveraged the n-tier multi-user database system and UI design experience our founder gained working with the CDC and State Public Health Labs to build an Enterprise Ad-Tracking and Social Media Management System. No other vendor in the Miami Online Marketing industry brings so much focused ability to the table, and delivers so much value.

Now we’re located in Boca Raton, FL. Our marketing company has the goal of growing with our clients, proving long-term gains to smart clients who need to get the most out of their marketing investment. Take a look at the marketing we do, integrated, traditional and digital.