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Effective, Affordable Dental & Medical Practice Online Marketing

Client Challenge: After investing a great deal of resources and time into their practice website, a South Florida dental practice had not gained any traction with search engines, and could not document website traffic increases or new appointments generated through the Internet. They also continued to invest in print media, at a cost of $200 – $400 per inquiry – and at a very low volume of response, sometimes less than one call in any given month that their print ad ran.

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B2B Lead Generation Case Study

Generating Leads in the Healthcare Industry

The Client Challenge

Following a shift in the business environment, this Fortune 500, business to business services provider decided to target new industries.  One of which was the healthcare industry, but a very targeted niche within the healthcare industry – health insurance payer organizations.

Their goals were to use online marketing to drive low cost leads, establish an opt-in database and grow brand awareness in this new vertical industry.

Their challenges included a limited budget, a media landscape with very little targeted to such a niche audience and virtually no brand awareness with their target audience.

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mi360 - our software for managing advertising campaigns

Advertising Measurement and Marketing ROI: MI360° Marketing Dashboard Measures Online Marketing ROI in Real Time

Boca Raton, Florida – They are calls that evoke panic in even the most seasoned marketing professionals:  The CEO phoning to ask how the newest banner campaign performed, or the CFO looking for ROI on this year’s advertising ROI. Until now, these calls left marketers scurrying to marketing metrics, which often were not readily available, and took weeks to gather numbers — and the quality of the marketing analytics? Questionable at best.

But the next generation of performance-based campaign management software is here, and it has vastly improve campaign tracking and reporting – particularly in relation to Internet marketing ROI. MI360°, by Massive Impressions, a media buying, planning and strategy firm, is catapulting marketing software development from yesterday’s impossibility to tomorrow’s new standard.

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