B2B List Building & Lead Gen

The Client Challenge: Building Qualified B2B E-Mail Lists for F500 Company. Following a multi-million dollar investment in print advertising, this F500 saw little to no increase in brand awareness. Facing shrinking budgets and increased demands for budget accountability, the marketing team sought Massive Impressions’ expertise to develop an impactful interactive advertising program targeted to their B2B prospects and clients.  They wanted a cost-effective program that supported their brand strategy and fulfilled executive mandates to establish a metrics framework and deliver marketing accountability.

Leveraging Online Advertising as a Solution

Media Strategy: Because the client was targeting many unique audiences, a series of Media Effectiveness Tests were conducted.

Media Effectiveness Testing leverages the internet to validate media selections before investing heavily in any particular medium. Audience data is collected through short-term, low-cost online media buys. Response rates and audience quality are then reviewed. This advertising intelligence is leveraged to identify the media vehicles, tactics and promotions that delivered the best results, which then drive subsequent media buys.

11 campaigns were developed, each targeting a unique audience and delivering a different slant on the client’s brand promise.  70 media outlets were engaged and over 500 multi-media advertising insertions were run over the course of the first year.

Creative Strategy: Massive Impressions developed an offer based creative strategy that leveraged the client’s investment in a wealth of thought-leadership materials. Text ads, banner ads and e-mails were designed to elicit response from the diverse audiences targeted while maintaining consistency in brand messaging – positioning the company as a thought-leader and an expert in implementation across the many services it offered to its diverse prospect base. Over 20 promotional offers were tested.

The Results

Massive Impressions’ campaign delivered over 38 million impressions, 65,000 responses (website visitors) and 10,000 registrations – that means over 10,000 individuals registered and downloaded the client’s thought-leadership materials – a great ROI on the advertising as well as the investment made in developing those materials.

Even more impressive was the quality of the registrations.  Over 1,400 registrations were received from Fortune 1000 companies, which was the primary target of the client.

B2B Online Advertising Response Rates

The average response rate for all of the 11 campaigns combined was .17%, which met the industry average for business to business online marketing.  Individual campaigns performed even better depending on the client’s established brand awareness and the quality of the offers. It was those top performers that were then selected for heavier investment.

B2B Online Advertising Conversion Rates

The average conversion rate for all of the 11 campaigns combined was an impressive 15%. This exceeded the industry average 7 – 10% for business to business online marketing conversion rates with a high commitment form (the client require detailed contact information to retrieve the thought-leadership downloads).  Had the commitment on the registration form been lower (for example, company, title and e-mail address) the conversion rates would surely have been even higher.

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