Setting Up Location Based Media for Our Boca Raton Marketing Company

Taking advantage of Location Based Social Media is one of the perks that comes along with having a business with a commercial address. It’s pretty easy to configure the listings online, but there’s some verification that takes place, requiring offline steps.

Getting Listed on Google Places, Foursquare and other Location Based Social Media


Foursquare is one of the first, and probably the leading, concept in Location Based Social Media. They’ve taken a gamification approach, awarding badges and perks to their user base. A mobile app allows users to “check-in” to Venues, share their patronage status with the venue, and advocate for the venue to their friends who see they’ve checked in.

Setting up the listing online was easy, but verifying that we’re really at that location involves receiving snail mail with a pin number. If you’re setting up a new business then make sure you’re receiving your mail properly at your new location before going through with the verification process. Check out Foursquare’s website to learn more.

Boca Raton’s reputation was besmirched by Foursquare, so it’s important for local marketing companies like ours to make sure our local clients represent our community’s excellence more accurately.

Google Places

Google Places is the most important Location Based Online Publication to be listed in. This is because so many people use Google to search for local products and services – and the first things listed before Organic Search Results now are Google Places listings.

Google also uses a snail mail verification process that follows the creation of an online listing.  Learn more about Google Places here.

If your business is exploring how Social Media can work for you, then you should really consider how Location Based Social Media fits into the picture. Contact our online marketing company: Massive Impressions and we’ll help you discover how to best leverage Social Media and make your Location Based Social Media attract the audience, build the social buzz your business needs, and stay above your local competition.


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