Personal Facebook Data: An app that reveals what’s ripe for the picking!

We focus lots of our effort on metrics for businesses and brands. We have not yet collected Personal Profile data with any of the apps we’ve built. If you’re interested in knowing more about what personal data exists within Facebook about you then read on.

Collecting personal data from Facebook Profiles, rather than Pages, can be construed as violating privacy; people don’t appreciate being “examined”. In general, people don’t mind being counted as a body coming through a door, but once you ask “who are you and why are you here” then there’s a cost that wasn’t part of an audience’s initial expectations. Never drive away audience!

In this spirit, within the analytics apps that we create, there’s a Golden Rule that keeps our focus on quantitative data and the results yielded from it. We haven’t yet had much reason to delve into qualitative, Profile specific data, like who your Friends are and what your political leanings are.

That being said, here is a fascinating application from Wolfram Alpha goes where we have not yet tread, an app that reveals more about you than you may know about yourself. This is a good example of the type of data our apps have the ability to ask for, but intentionally haven’t. Use it and take a look at what your Facebook profile can reveal to an app if you give permission.

F.Y.I… you have to validate your e-mail address before it will show you anything. So if you’re trying to see the results and nothing’s showing, check your e-mail, click their validation link, and then return to the Wolfram Alpha site. You’ll be rewarded with the data you’re expecting to see – data all about you.

Wolfram Alpha is a phenomenal resource for obtaining accurate information about ANYTHING. It was developed by and for scientists and is used primarily by professionals for scientific and engineering purposes. However, it has an enormous amount of data about industries and in particular about Marketing. Next time you have a question where you need accurate answers, try it yourself.

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