CNN story announces how massive Facebook's audience is

This CNN story announces how massive Facebook’s audience is  …

We’ve been managing Facebook ad campaigns for our clients. It continues to amaze us how hard Facebook makes it to buy ad space. Ads that are essentially similar get dissimilar approvals. Some are allowed to run – some are blocked from running. The reasoning as to why these ads are being blocked seems arbitrary – as if a lenient person is approving some and a more stringent person is disapproving the same ad design.

Investors point to Facebook’s problem generating revenue around mobile use – we’re still trying to figure out how they manage to fumble catching the ad dollars from ad buyers are practically throwing at them.

Our latest website, a Boynton Dental Office

Our latest dental website design has gone live. This WordPress-based site is for Dr. Mitchell Indictor, a dentist in Boynton Beach. This is the second dental website design we’ve done and it’s already accruing good SEO rank. Using WordPress and designing the site with basic SEO best practices was enough to get this site ranked quick. Social signals from social media posts also helped this website launch get search engine crawler attention fast.

This was a fun site, and Dr. Indictor had a lot of content potential already available to leverage. We ended up using his dog, Derby, as a mascot of sorts for the site and social media posts.

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What is a safe and convenient way to shorten URLs and get QR Codes built automatically?

Use !!!

What is

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Our Boca Raton Office

Hey, did you know our office is in Boca Raton? We’re located within an area known as the Boca Raton Design District, home to several small creative businesses.

We’ve got a pretty nice place to get work done. Giant markerboards. Glass conference tables. Spiral staircase. Group work areas downstairs and private offices upstairs. Green screen studio.

View Our New Boca Raton Marketing Office Webcam

[iframe src=”” type=”left” width=”240″]
Hey, we got a new webcam in our Boca Raton office.

For a live view, click here.

BREAKING from Mashable: GoDaddy’s DNS Servers Go Down, Taking Thousands of Sites With It

Ow! Sorry if this impacted your website. It was hackers.

Anonymous has been pointing the finger at GoDaddy since SOPA. GoDaddy’s middle-of-the-road, oversized host profile combined with their active lobbying drew them squarely into the crosshairs of today’s most notorious hacker network.

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Has Online Advertising hit its peak?



Latest Article from Ad Age:

Ad Growth Slows in the Second Quarter

TV Increases Its Take But Online Display and Print Slip

Does this mean online advertising has hit the end of stealing market share from traditional ad space?




Personal Facebook Data: An app that reveals what’s ripe for the picking!

We focus lots of our effort on metrics for businesses and brands. We have not yet collected Personal Profile data with any of the apps we’ve built. If you’re interested in knowing more about what personal data exists within Facebook about you then read on.

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