WestPalm Beach Social Media Marketing

West Palm Beach Social Media Marketing

Massive Impressions is located in South Florida, providing West Palm Beach social media marketing services and solutions for over a decade. Our experience in social media marketing has allowed businesses in West Palm Beach to meet their goals on time and under budget.

Some of our projects, for South Florida companies, involved creating hundreds of social media presences, each customized with jobs local to that area. These kind of projects presented their own challenges. We met those challenges initially by using off-the-shelf tools, but eventually programmed that functionality into our own social media management software, Mi360. The costs for managing social media campaigns are much lower for us, so we can offer highly competitive West Palm Beach social media marketing services.

We create social media profiles for companies in the South Florida area and all over the world. This typically involves creating a few select images, for example the Profile Image or the Cover Photo for Facebook. The same need for two images per presence is the case for Twitter and for LinkedIn. Instagram doesn’t require a Cover Photo, but does need a Profile Image. Profile images tend to be square, and need to be at specific dimensions in order to look crisp on the social media site. The Cover Photo tends to be more rectangular and horizontal. Depending on whether the viewer is using a mobile phone or looking at the social media presence on a desktop computer, different sections of the Cover Photo may or may not be hidden.

After the images that the social media presence needs are uploaded to the social media site, we can begin posting to the social media presence. For Twitter, posting is both more simple and more frequent than for Facebook or LinkedIn. Both Twitter and Instagram require that new posts are unique. On those sites the same thing can’t be posted twice. That’s not the case for Facebook and LinkedIn. All of the social media publications are based on algorithms that decide to show or not show content; not all content is always shown to everyone who is affliliated with the person or business posting.

Understanding the subtle nuances between the major social media sites is critical for the success of West Palm Beach social media marketing campaigns. A powerful marketing message and intelligent marketing producer also make the critical difference between a social media presence being heard and one that’s ignored.

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