Visibility Magazine Features Mi360 Social Media Marketing Software

Proud to see online marketing industry trades spreading the word about Mi360 Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing Software. Check us out in Visibility Magazine – the magazine for online marketing strategies!

Designed by marketers (that’s us!) for marketers (that’s us again!), Mi360 does more social media marketing with less effort and its automation features cut down the effort needed to execute the technical and production aspects of content marketing by at least 80%.

What’s next?  We’re working on some exciting case studies about recent client successes executed in partnership with Digital Infusion our integrated marketing communications solutions partner.

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Mi360 Social Media Marketing Software Gets the Message Out with Social Media

Our tool, Mi360, is a great way to create a continuous stream of social media posts that combine inbound links with relevant content published by others. This ability to combine both inbound links and outbound links maximizes audience building and audience engagement. Our post curating tools allow an unprecedented level of control over creating inbound links and governing the flow of outbound link shares. Whereas other tools make you do tons of footwork keeping your content unique, Mi360 is built to keep the stream dynamic and engaging. A smart Mi360 user can schedule months worth of posts around the same inbound link URLs without and maintain uniqueness with every post. Try that with other social media tools. This stuff shouldn’t take forever – it’s not rocket science.

Give it a try and see how your audience reacts to a new kind of message stream, a message stream refined with them in mind.

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