Broward Social Media Marketing

Broward Social Media Marketing

Massive Impressions  has been providing businesses in Broward social media marketing services and solutions for over a decade. Our experience in social media marketing allows  businesses and organizations in Broward County to meet their goals on time and under budget.  Our principals, Jason and Lisa Pelish, were not just Broward residents for many years, they also started this business in Hollywood, FL together. The goal was to provide Broward with the same world-class skills and knowledge we leverage for our large corporate clients. We’ve done that and so much more. 

We’ve already executed social media campaigns involving close to five hundred local social presences for one Broward business alone.

One of our biggest clients has been Spherion Staffing Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In our time with them we created hundreds of local social media presences in a local social campaign. We were part of what made Spherion look great and eventually become acquired by Randstad. After that acquisition we continued with that same strategy and created even more local social presences for Randstad. The experience we gained as part of that process was not just valuable towards doing better social media marketing, but it also gave us the environment for refining our product Mi360 beyond being used for advertising tracking alone.

Since we’ve been working with businesses in Broward Social Media Marketing has become an even more critical component of an overall marketing strategy. How it integrates with websites, SEO and other online resources means the difference between success and flat results. Doing it right means getting “the most bang for your buck”. Doing it wrong can result in the question: “What was social media supposed to do for us again?”

If you want to see it done right in your business and get results for your organization, call us today (866) 800-3579.