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whats the right size for a marketing budget?

How can I calculate my ideal marketing budget?

What should we be spending on our ideal marketing budget? It’s a critical question that every business needs to answer when they’re positioned to grow. The brands we all recognize got their market share by spending the correct amount they needed to invest for growth, spending a big proportion on marketing and advertising. What’s the right size marketing budget for your business? We can help you answer that, here, now, on this website, easily. To find out, please read on.  

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social media for business

Social Media for Business: Profiles vs. Pages

We all know someone who uses their business name instead of just their real name in their social media account. Instead of “Joe Mendez” they go by the name “Joe’s Plumbing” on Facebook. This isn’t the way Facebook or LinkedIn is intended to be used. Having an account like this might have very negative consequences that can be avoided. You could have your hard work taken away from you when the account is terminated for going against policies. Plus, having an account like this is embarrassing; it makes it look like you don’t know what you’re doing.

responsive email design

Responsive Email Design: Why is it Driving the Rebirth of Email?

For a long time email design has been stuck. Emails became boring while the rest of the web became more exciting. Archaic design limits, put in place more than a decade ago due to security issues, kept email designs from maturing along with digital audiences’ expectations.  That’s changing now. Emails are poised to get sexy again thanks to responsive email design.

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Our New Content Marketing Story Tool

We’ve added a new Content Marketing Story Tool to this website that can help you generate story format content easier than ever. It’s a shortcut around writer’s block. Try it out and you’ll see at how easy generating good, rich, relevant content can be. I was surprised by how quickly I was able to create a testimonial format around a real customer’s experience.

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secret to online marketing success

A Critical Secret to Online Marketing Success

We online marketers have a secret to online marketing success. It impacts how much we can get done, how much we can produce, and how loud and accurate a voice we can maintain. We conduct this secretive process, all of us, but the best of us do it religiously. If we get it right, it means smooth sailing and our promotions proceed unimpeded. If we get it wrong, our efforts can stop dead in their tracks. What is this industry wide practice that few marketers ever discuss, but depend on every day?

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guaranteed seo

Guaranteed SEO: What exactly do they mean?

Yesterday I had a telemarketer call me and try to sell me “Guaranteed SEO.” For about a half  hour on the phone the call was escalated between three tiers of their sales experts. I finally learned what the term meant. It didn’t mean what you might think it means. It certainly didn’t mean what someone in need of real SEO would want it to mean. It meant something completely backwards and contrary to anything a discriminating customer would want. Let me tell you about how it went down.

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