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5 Better Levels of Audience Engagement

Audience engagement is what marketers are working for. Audience engagement is what happens when a marketer connects effectively with the right people in their market, and gets them to do what the marketer needs. Getting audience engagement isn’t easy, it takes smart tactics for driving it, increasing it, and making it cost-effective. Often times there’s not much opportunity or budget to engage audiences beyond the level of printed brochures; the basics just need covering. We all know where most brochures end up, so digital marketers today understand that they need to step up their game beyond brochure type sites.

The techniques we marketers favor, ever since the advent of the web, are constantly changing and have always been evolving. Now we’re in the beginning of the third decade of online marketing. We’ve learned that different levels of audience engagement yield different rates of return; the more evolved levels perform better than the less evolved levels. If you’re communicating better, you’re getting better results. Pay attention to how your efforts fall into one of these five levels of audience engagement. If you can recognize a better opportunity to engage, go for it! Read more

style guide

Why Style Guide?

Do you recognize the Starbucks logo and their green color? They use the same green color on their website, at their store, and in their advertisements. They also use the same type of images, and they have the same writing tone in their ads. They maintain consistency of produced marketing and advertising materials in the same way all Fortune 500 companies do: they use an official style guide. A style guide is a document that sets in stone the rules for your company’s logos, the colors that can be used, and the type of fonts allowed. It defines how you lay out your advertisements, what kind of images you use, and sometimes also a basic layout template for printed and web materials.

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How Do I Get More Google Reviews?

Do you see your competitors rising to the top of local search results, and the accompanying reviews from their customers and ask yourself,  “How do I get more Google reviews?”.  If so, read on for the top five ways to get more Google reviews for your business!  Reviews, especially Google reviews, are not only a critical component of a successful SEO strategy; they are also an effective way to get new customers interested by differentiating you through virtual word-of-mouth endorsements.

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The Different Types of Images Used in Web Graphics

Only a few types of web graphics are used in emails. Not every type of web graphic file can be used when building web pages and doing web design. There are three types of graphics that are used the majority of the time. The proper use of web graphics makes the difference between a web page that has a professional appearance and a web page that doesn’t. We take great pains to make sure the websites we build don’t just look great, but follow technical best practices. This means making images small in file size for faster page loading times.

Here at Massive Impressions, our clients and partners ask all the time what type of graphics should be used in specific cases. We’ve created this guide for you that describes the different types of files usable in web graphics.
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Relationship Marketing in a Social, Mobile World

Relationship Marketing in a Social, Mobile World

Relationship marketing is about understanding each customer on an individual level. It’s about being smart about the approach and doing mass scale marketing effectively.

Here’s an example. A sporting goods store can ask for the email address of a customer who buys a soccer ball when they check-out at the register, or on-line. They then send them to specific social media pages that create community around soccer through the voice of the store brand. The individual then receives special offers on soccer equipment via email and SMS messages. Through the integration of POS systems, databases and online marketing tools, the store can then flag customers who reach a certain threshold of spending on soccer equipment. Those customers would receive them special “VIP” opportunities like discounted soccer game tickets or special event invitations in conjunction with marketing partners. This solidifies the relationship between the business and the customer, building trust and brand loyalty.

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The Biggest Content Marketing Challenge: Figuring Out What To Say

What is the biggest content marketing challenge? It’s generating quality content. If you’re going to invest time in generating content then you’ve got to get the SEO right.

In a blog post previous to this one, the idea of “Staying True to Your Words”  was presented. We revealed how a web 2.0 revolution changed the SEO game to yield a literal word-war where the victory goes to the player who can wield words with the most discipline, sustaining the use of key terms in content. While this seems simple enough in theory, in practice it does require true discipline to sustain, and be successful at, particularly in the face of strong competition.

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7 Critical SEO Tips to Improve Local Search Engine Rank

Local search engine rank is slipping away? Follow these tips so you don’t miss out and lose potential customers.

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Social Signals: Inbound Counts vs. Social MetaMetrics

There are ways that social media activity will benefit the search engine ranking of a site. How that benefit is derived might be different than you’d expect. It all has to do with HOW Google crawls social media sites.

This latest video from Matt Cutts explains what the crawlers are designed to see and what they can’t see.

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Marketing and Lead Generation

Lead Generation Marketing: 4 Questions to Ask

What should I ask before doing B2B Lead Generation Campaigns?

It’s easy to get distracted by the latest lead generation trend.  It’s amazing how many “guaranteed lead” programs there are out there, but we’ve found that what really works is relying on principles that have guided traditional direct marketing for decades – just modified for today’s technologically advanced, social communications environment.

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