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It’s a Holiday Week! (so save the good stuff for later)

This week has a holiday in it. So that means there’s both good news and bad news. The good news is that the week is short and Friday is 4th of July. Whoo Hoo! The bad news is that it’s a bad time to reach audiences online. So we’re basically holding back the incredibly engaging blog post we wrote for this week. We’ll be posting it next week instead. Learn why we’re not letting our good stuff out this week.

Timing is everything, especially when marketing online.

If you’re a data wonk, like we are at Massive Impressions Online Marketing, that means you love looking at numbers. If you’re into online marketing then you probably regularly like to check  if you’re doing better today than you did the day before. Marketers who’ve been staring at numbers for years, watching visitor rates rise and fall, know that there are certain times when it’s best to engage with audiences. Sometimes it’s simply the wrong time to send out an email or schedule a social media post. Knowing the best times to schedule things is critical if you want your message to be heard by the greatest number of people. If you schedule something at the wrong time it could potentially get a small fraction of the engagement it could if you scheduled it an optimal time.

Holiday Weeks aren’t the best times for B2B Marketing

Business to Business Marketing gets its best audience engagement during the work week, during working hours. Unfortunately for B2B marketing, lots of people take time off when there’s a holiday week, a week with a long weekend on one end. For most workers in America who have a fixed number of vacation days allotted each year, it’s a common practice to schedule vacations on these short weeks. This is because it lets workers use the minimum number of vacation days while getting the longest possible duration vacation. It’s not that there’s nobody’s sitting at their desks this week, just a smaller number than was there last week or will be present next week. The audience is relatively small on weeks like these.

Don’t do much serious content marketing  on a week made short by a holiday. Instead, schedule the good stuff for next week instead.


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