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How do I let someone start managing Facebook Ads for me? Answers here!

Managing Facebook Ads is now a common responsibility among advertising and marketing professionals, but you don’t have to be a pro to take advantage of Facebook Ads. You can create and manage the ads yourself, or hire a company like ours to produce and start managing Facebook Ads for you. It boils down to how much time you have to learn how to do it, how much effort you can expend optimizing your buys, and whether you can afford to take time away from facets of running your business that require your attention. Lots of businesses who’ve experimented with advertising on Facebook have concluded that better results are obtained by leveraging expertise from professional marketers.

The challenge has been how to give access to these marketers, like us. A third account, or “grey account”, needed to be created to give marketers access to ad management without giving away a client’s personal Facebook password. This problem has been solved by Facebook, and this article describes how to take advantage of the Account Groups Feature. It lets you give access to others while retaining control through your own account.

The Problem with Managing Facebook Ads:

Our clients often ask:

“How do we pay for Facebook Ads?”

or “How do I let you start managing my Facebook Ads?”

Running ads on Facebook involves having a Facebook Account, what’s technically referred to as a Facebook Profile. Once you’ve got a Facebook Account, a Profile, you can connect your credit card account to the Profile so that you can start buying ads. When the ads are run, funds are debited against the credit card. It’s pretty simple.

The Old Awkward Solution for Managing Facebook Ads:

We’ve been managing Facebook Ads for a few years. We’ve used many different methods for setting up these ads.

  • Sometimes we manage the ads through our own personal accounts, running up the bill on our own corporate cards.
  • Sometimes we’ve managed ads directly on a client’s account. They gave us their login info and we logged in “as them”.
  • Often we’ve opted for using a shared login, a “grey account” set up so that our clients and us can access the ad management features without giving each other our personal Facebook Profile passwords. For a while This became the de-facto practice for marketers because of the 1 to 1 relationship between a Profile and an Ad Account. The problem with this kind of account was that it technically violated Facebook’s policies and requirements for ownership of an account.

This approach had many downsides:

  • You had to access to the Profile to spend money through it. Sometimes clients are reluctant to give someone else access to their Facebook Profile.
  • Using “grey accounts” is actually against Facebook’s policy of having to make your Profile match your real world identity, prohibiting fictitious identities and names.
  • You could have your grey account shut down at any moment if Facebook decides to scrutinize it.

Using the New Facebook Ad Manager Update is our Better Solution.

Recently Facebook updated the ad management experience to simplify and consolidate the previously cluttered and awkward-to-manage method.

  • Ads Manager, a new section of the home sidebar menu, now acts as a central control hub through the core ad account to facebook ad manager in your facebook
  • You can now setup account groups and user permissions.
  • The account holder is able to create an account group within the Ads Manager. Once the group is created, you can add or remove users with varying degrees of permissions. (Important note: users can only be added if they are friends with the core ad account Profile.)
  • Ad Manager permissions include Admin, Advertiser, or Analyst. Admins can control every aspect of the account including editing payment information. Advertisers are able to create, schedule, or edit Ads and access reports. Analysts can only view the ads and access the reports.
  • Once a user has been added as an account group member, assigned a permission, and accepted the invitation, they can now access Ads Manager on their personal Profile – No longer having to login to the core ad account Profile for management.

This update provides an important advantage: core ad account Profile credentials no longer need to be shared. Instead, clients can assign agency individuals permission through an account group. Clients or agencies no longer have to create “grey accounts” that can be accessed by everyone. Individuals managing ads can now do so using their own personal Profiles, directly accessing the account group through the ads manager tab.

Out with the Old, in with the New

The Facebook update facilitating the sharing of responsibility for ad management has opened the doors for a smoother assignment of responsibility without compromising privacy. As a marketing agency, this makes Facebook social media ad management easier. We no longer have to hunt down passwords or create fake identities to get the job done. Facebook is creating a harmonious relationship between clients and agencies – and we love it!

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