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Smart IT pros know the importance of requirements definition, capturing and documenting requirements, when it comes to delivering on expectations and meeting goals successfully. Great web design and application development depends on bringing together the right people with the right plan. Defining requirements is a critical step in building a successful plan.

 Massive Impressions Online Marketing provides Requirements Definition and Documentation Services to help your technology investment succeed.

Whether you’re building a website, a web service, application or just a marketing campaign, we are here to help you define and document exactly what you need before you begin investing in its production. This is the best way to make sure what you’re about to invest in will meet your expectations, and do the job it’s supposed to. We will work with you and bring our experience to bear, creating a documented plan for what needs to be delivered. Whether you’re outsourcing the work, doing the work in-house, looking for investors, or just trying to get a cost estimate to investigate feasibility, documenting a project’s requirements is a “required” first step. We’ll make the process as painless as it possibly can be for you and provide cross-industry insight to it.

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URS - User Specs
FRS - Functional Specs
Traceability Testing Process
User Manuals & Documentation

Did you know that large projects demand multiple stages of requirements definition documents?

Although a large project might have the requirements documented by multiple parties, through many iterations, there are two basic stages of requirements documentation before production, programming, coding, writing, and graphic art begins. These two stages involve first the stakeholders creating documentation independent of the provider of the solution, and second the stakeholders creating documentation in collaboration with the solution provider. The first stage can be thought of as a wish-list, while the second stage can be described as a plan for how to meet those wishes within the constraints of budget and reality.

Whether you’re doing web design, building a website, a web service, application or even a marketing campaign, documenting your requirements improves your odds of success. Moving forward without firm requirements is where projects go wrong. Nobody can claim to know exactly what you need to succeed, but Massive Impressions knows exactly how to help you define and document your expectations for success.

Consider Massive Impressions Online Marketing today, and get around those blocks that are keeping you from success by documenting your web design and application requirements.

Have Massive Impressions write your critical digital production requirments for you.

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