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Impress Your Audience: See how we took Joanie Courtney’s website to the next level.

Joanie Courtney is an employment industry expert who provides her insight on various channels such as Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC. She was in need of a revamp of her old site. It previously had a more personal look and feel, plus it needed a technical update. It had highlighted her as an expert personality – something she wanted to express in a different, more up to date way now that she was affiliated with Monster.

We were tasked to redesign her website. She trusted our ability to design websites from making her so happy with the last one. We didn’t just redesign Joanie’s website, we took it to the next level by using new impactful tactics and technology. This is one of the way we believe we distinguish ourselves in the online marketing industry, by experimenting with new techniques when we design websites, until we achieve what we’re after. Massive Impressions implemented the following solutions:

Updated With a New Site Layout and FeaturesInstead of simply glossing over her old website, we recommended using a brand new WordPress theme. This theme allowed for greater usability, essentially making the website into a blog format that was easy for Joanie to create and edit herself. This was of utmost importance due to the fact that she participated frequently in events where it would be beneficial for her to add related content to her website.
Updated WordPress Theme CompletelyWe had to do a complete switch of the theme. The old theme, Styx, that we designed her previous blog on wasn’t being supported by the theme authors or the vendor any more. It’s disappointing because Peerapong and Envato are among the leading theme authors and vendors, but that’s something you have to provide for with WordPress, the eventuality where some component, no matter how leading, will go out of date at some time and will need to be replaced completely.
Integrated HTML5 Background VideoThe integration of HTML5 on the Homepage allowed Massive Impressions to deliver a rich video experience without slowing page load time. We edited the video at our Boca Raton marketing offices and tested many different file sizes until we achieved the right balance between page load speed and video integrity. So basically we had to figure out how to make the file small enough yet still look good across different browsers and connections.
Embedded Video ClipsInstead of sending website visitors to other video hosting sites to view Joanie’s videos, Massive Impressions was able to embed the available video clips directly onto her website. This ensures that visitors to the site stay on the site – staying engaged with her brand.
Monster Inc. Design DetailMassive Impressions integrated Joanie’s role at Monster Inc. using their purple brand colors and aesthetics. This was made consistent throughout the site, and most importantly made Joanie happy by meeting her expectations. She described what she wanted clearly and we did our best to iterate and collaborate to perfection.

Thinking about taking your site’s web design to the next level? A fresh new look that doesn’t discard the traction you’ve already invested in, a redesign that’s safe, affordable and effective? Give us a call at Massive Impressions. We have some beautiful new production tactics and talented experts ready to help you design websites that blow your competition away. Our phone number is (866) 800-3579 Toll Free. We’re available between 8am and 6pm Eastern Time, Mondays through Fridays.

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