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We know how to use Twitter to promote events and seminars.

Want to know how to use Twitter to promote events, reach targeted audiences who leverage Twitter for search, and create a massive number of inbound links? Our recent campaign for a leading continuing education provider, is a good illustration of how to use Twitter to promote events and seminars.

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Here’s a great example of what’s unique about our social media marketing services: we produced a Twitter campaign that involved thousands of unique tweets pointing to hundreds of landing pages, changing each and every month. By using a smart methodology we developed around our proprietary technology, Mi360,  we were able to push out unique scheduled tweets that promoted all upcoming events at each location throughout the country. These tweets were marked up with hash tags that attracted local attention and the attention of the specific industry leads our client sought. For a single event, there were multiple tweets promoting it, scheduled a certain number of days before the event, reminding people of when it was coming up.

This client hosts thousands of continuing education credit seminars throughout the year for various fields including behavioral health, medical professionals, and rehabilitation professionals. These seminars take place in various locations around the U.S., making a targeted campaign on Twitter difficult to accomplish by traditional means. A strategy was needed that leveraged Twitter to notify tweeps, Twitter users, when a seminar was going to be in their area.

  • Problem: Promoting so many seminars
    • Seminars took place in different locations and times. The ideal was to cover all of those locations and times in a way that was most searchable through Twitter, and got the most inbound clicks.
    • There are a very large number of seminars in one month. How would anybody be able to load 600+ tweets onto Twitter in the time needed with targeted hashtags? Could conventional social media scheduling tools handle such a mass of tweets, scheduled accurately?
  • Solution: Twitter Scheduling through our Mi360 Spreadsheet Upload Function
    •  Massive Impressions found the answer, or more specifically developed the answer. We created a spreadsheet upload functionality in our proprietary social media management software, Mi360, that allows for a massive number of tweets to be scheduled at the date and time desired. Each seminar date was given an individual treatment of hashtags depending on audience as well as location.
    • The upload functionality provided the means to schedule the messaging, but there was so much messaging to be created for thousands of tweets each month, entering them manually into the spreadsheet was impractical. Luckily, we were able to obtain monthly spreadsheet definitions of the upcoming times and places of the future seminars.  From the spreadsheets and the course data they contained we were able to write spreadsheet macros and calculations that concatenated the data into the format Mi360 expected.
    • Each upcoming seminar required several tweets with different messaging before hand.

Massive Impressions Online Marketing took on this challenge and formulated a digital strategy to overcome their biggest hurdle when promoting through Twitter, the sheer mass of tweets necessary, management of their timing, and correct markup with the terms people would likely be searching for on twitter. It was exciting to have this opportunity to demonstrate this massive tweeting tactic as an innovative way how to use twitter to promote events and seminars.

As a result of Massive Impressions’ efforts to create unique solutions for the stakeholder, clicks to their site and responses through Twitter have increased due to the resonating effect of their campaigns. This is just one example of how to use Twitter to promote events and seminars. For another client, another brand, this approach might be an exact fit. For some brands it may not be a good strategy for how to use Twitter to promote events and seminars under their business model.

If you’ve got any questions about this campaign, or how one like it might meet the needs of your business, give us a call or email us at Massive Impressions. Our phone number is Toll Free: (866) 800-3579 and our email is