information technology websites
information technology websites
information technology websites

VisionIT’s Brand Split websites, launched in early 2015, were developed as a response to the company splitting into three different companies: VisionIT, VisionPro, and PrimeWorkforce.

Three brands with varying audiences required the development of two additional websites; the main VisionIT website had already been developed by Massive Impressions in collaboration with Digital Infusion.

This project consisted of two main purposes: redesign the main VisionIT website and develop two new IT websites that maintained company-wide style consistency & functionality.

The VisionIT redesign need was prompted by the update of the Salient theme used for their WordPress site. This update necessitated a design refresh because it negatively impacted the previous site design. We also transitioned from Uber Menu version 2 to version 3 and the menu also became corrupted.

Massive Impressions Online Marketing implemented HTML5 custom background video for the main slider of the new redesign for VisionIT, implemented & cleaned up the new version of Uber Menu, and adopted & integrated Gravity Forms as the primary technology for forms on all sites. This is significant because it allowed us to create candidate forms and supplier network forms that were complex; able to implement conditional logic for the appearance of fields.

The DNS requirements for VisionIT were also very unique because of the number of domains involved. Their emails were being hosted in a unique way that required Massive Impressions to collaborate with them and facilitate changes to their DNS in a way that is more advance than we do for a typical client.

Massive Impressions Online Marketing set-up the redesign of the VisionIT website, created WordPress instances for VisionPro and PrimeWorkforce, and helped set-up the content & functionality on these new instances.

The end result was a set of aesthetically consistent websites that still had individual flair. This web design will be able to be proudly used for many years to come, providing a platform for great marketing and promotion.

VisionIT is an Information Technology Company in Detroit, Michigan. It’s family of brands include:

Vision IT, Prime Workforce, &  Vision Pro Team

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