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Decades of Banner Ad Experience: Massive Impressions

Oh, how we love doing banner advertising at Massive Impressions! Among all the different kinds of advertising campaigns we execute for clients, the results we get with banner ad campaigns make us recommend them to all clients serious about getting more good customers.

Banner ads are an underappreciated, but incredibly powerful advertising tactic we absolutely LOVE using at Massive Impressions. Deploying effective banner advertising campaigns is an online marketing tactic that combines both art and science. We’ve got both the aesthetic skills and analytical skills to make your campaign goals a reality. Our banner ad campaigns benefit from our surgical targeting techniques and precise ability to match ad content and target audiences with carefully honed landing pages. These talents combine to yield audiences qualified like search ads yet with low, sometimes single digit, cost-per-click.

This is a raw, untrafficked banner design before it's added to a banner advertising campaign.
Click here to see the click destination for the campaign: our product we call Art Gallery Plugin.

Why do our banner advertising campaigns do so well?

  • Leading Banner Ad Technology: We use Google’s preferred ad builder tools to render best-in-class HTML5 animated banner ads. With faster loading, smoother animation than video, HTML5 ads meet Google’s ad size requirements while creating a MASSIVE IMPRESSION on your target audience. In cost-per-click campaigns this means you can get across your brand promise, your value proposition, your call-to-action and create brand recognition even before you pay for a click.
  • Eye-catching Banner Ad Design: Our use of HTML5 lets us create multi-frame, looping animations that still load quickly. Take a look at our Portfolio’s Banner Ad category.
  • Surgical Audience Targeting Techniques: We’ve experimented with audience definition for decades, using each ad network’s tools for defining who display ads are shown to – and who they aren’t.  These audience targeting techniques we’ve practiced yield highly qualified visitors, often on par with the qualified audiences created from Search Advertising. What we do now, in Google Adwords, is a result of knowing both the publishing and advertiser industries. Our approach yields cost-per-click often in the single digits (a few cents).
  • Scientific, Diligent Campaign Management: Adjusting the spend, the targeting and the timing of banner ad campaigns is key to getting the best ROI.

Banner Advertising Examples & Sizes

Where does banner advertising get shown?

Run banner ad campaigns for brands involves looking for the key opportunities for exposure to the right audience at the right cost.  Showing banner ads in the right places is key to making them perform, getting the right audiences to click. So we work with both banner ad networks and do direct buys with publishers.

Working with banner ad networks like AdWords takes advantage of the large inventory of banner ad positions across the publications affiliated with that network.   AdWords today has a lot of intelligence and secret “black-box” targeting algorithms and tactics that only Google can execute effectively, so it can deliver some great results.

Other banner ad networks also exist despite AdWords effective monopoly today. Some call themselves “native ads” and position their value distinct from the type of banner ads running on AdWords, but the principle is very similar. Other networks do pretty much the same kind of thing AdWords Display Advertising does. They show banner ads intended for audiences to click on them.

Banner ad spaces - where banners are placed on websites.

What are the different kinds of banner ads?

  • There are static banner ads that do not move or contain animations. These are the simplest to create.
    The image formats for static ads are: GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG
  • There are animated banner ads that contain simple types of motions. Banner ads have file size limits. If animations can be executed, in HTML5, then banner ads can become animated. Alternately, there’s GIF ads that contain extremely small animations, more like slides. The animation  of an ad is not as simple as creating a static ad, involving several orders of magnitude more effort and skill to render.
    HTML5 ads are packaged in ZIP files that can contain CSS, Javascript, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and SVG assets. The file size of the ZIP must be less that 150 kilobytes.
    AMPHTML ads are packaged in ZIP files that can contain an HTML document and up to 39 media assets.
  • Dynamic ads contain information drawn directly from a regularly updating data source, for example a calendar or a planned, ongoing promotion.
    Dynamic ads follow the rules for HTML5 and AMPHTML ads. These types of ads are more often executed with the permission of a publisher, using a direct insertion, not though an ad network. This is because ad networks like AdWords restrict (for security purposes) the degree of dynamic behavior allowed in ads.
  • Video ads can mean two things. If you’re referring specifically to putting a video piece into a display ad, that’s shown in display advertising space, then that’s a video display ad. That involves ad designers putting a video window into the ad unit design.

What are the different sizes of banner ads?

Banner ads could be created at any size, however they need to be created for the sizes of banner ad spaces publishers make available on their site. The web began with one kind of banner: a 486×60 horizontally aligned rectangle. Since, many different sizes became popular with publishers.

The most popular fixed banner sizes today are:

Square and rectangle
200 × 200Small square
240 × 400Vertical rectangle
250 × 250Square
250 × 360Triple widescreen
300 × 250Inline rectangle
336 × 280Large rectangle
580 × 400Netboard
120 × 600Skyscraper
160 × 600Wide skyscraper
300 × 600Half-page ad
300 × 1050Portrait
300 × 50Mobile banner
320 × 50Mobile banner
320 × 100Large mobile banner
468 × 60Banner
728 × 90Leaderboard
930 × 180Top banner
970 × 90Large leaderboard
970 × 250Billboard
980 × 120Panorama

Responsive banner ads are a new trend. These kind of ads adapt themselves to the browser and screen sizes, taking up as much space as the publisher lets the ad occupy. These types of ads are good in a limited number of cases. The challenges placed on a designer who has to create designs that look good no matter what dimensions they’re shown at. The end result, the final appearance, can look very different from screen to screen, so much so that designers feel more comfortable making fixed sizes. This is a very new area in design.

How do I get Massive Impressions to do a banner advertising campaign that will work for me?

To leverage the power of display advertising, banner advertising, for your brand, business or organization simply contact Massive Impressions. Let us know what needs to be advertised. We know investing in advertising isn’t a trivial decision. So let us know what you need traffic for. We’ll make it happen. Call (866) 800 – 3579 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm Eastern.