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Companies spending too little on marketing see their revenues fall over time.

marketing budget calculator

This marketing budget calculator is provided by Massive Impressions to allow businesses to estimate and project how much marketing spend is reasonable to achieve revenue goals. This tool asks a series of questions that some business people might be afraid to ask, but absolutely need to ask in order to be realistic about overcoming competition. Once you’re done answering these questions, the tool will reveal how much your yearly marketing budget should be to meet your goals in your market.

This Marketing Budget Calculator can be Used for Business Plans and More

Every business needs to have a business plan that includes marketing budgets at a minimum. Some small businesses might be able to get by with a very low marketing spend, doing business through word-of-mouth and relationship marketing. Where there’s little competition, big awareness around the brand, and heavy demand, marketing budgets can be small. Where there’s lots of competition, no awareness of the brand and no base level demand to start with, marketing budgets need a substantial portion of the company’s revenue to keep sales at needed levels.

Our Marketing Budget Calculator Projects a Realistic Amount Businesses Should Expect to Grow

Devoting a proper portion towards marketing is especially important to know for start-up businesses and in the drafting of business plans.  This is because smart investors know the difference between pie-in-the-sky estimates and realistic marketing estimates. In a competitive market, it’s less like “build it and they will come”, and more like a race up a mountain. The marketing plans investors value are based on knowing how high the mountain is that needs to be climbed over.  Some marketing plans deny the mountain even exists. This tool helps you measure the mountain, and provide an estimate that is based on real factors, the cold hard facts.

What will it take to make a new product or service popular, and take off like others before it did? Let’s see!

Plug your numbers into this tool. If you don’t know your percent markup, then you don’t have to enter it. Answering all the questions helps make your estimated spend more accurate. We’re open to discussions and suggestions on how to make this tool more accurate and useful. Feel free to contact us at