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Here’s the view from our Boca Raton Marketing Office Webcam.

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Are you interested in setting up a web camera or streaming video to feature in your website?

We’ve been deploying robotic web cameras, webcams, since the web became public in 1995. It’s such an amazing concept, the idea that any business can broadcast an image live from any location. It brings customers to your business without having to leave their desks.

Our first web camera deployments faced the ocean, located in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale Beach. Once one of them got destroyed by a direct hit with a tornado, and got replaced with better, more modern technology.boca raton marketing office webcam

This robotic webcam can pan and tilt, but not zoom. Many webcams, including this one, can automatically switch views, rotating between each view every few seconds. While this makes for a much more engaging view, it tends to wear out the camera more quickly. If you’ve got the pan, tilt, and zoom cycle synchronized with the image snapping and uploading, then the end result can be very nice. It’s like having multiple cameras installed. A webcam installed in Fort Laudersdale switched between looking northward up A1A, southward down A1A, downward at pedestrians, out at the shipping lanes in the ocean, and down on the beach at swimmers and sunbathers.

Do you want us to switch the view? Give us a call (866) 800 – 3579