Blogging for a Software Publisher

WPJobBoard is a privately distributed and published WordPress Plugin. It adds job listings and applicant tracking functionality to WordPress websites. Massive Impressions had used this product in several websites requiring job boards. The publisher needed content marketing services in order to promote the software’s new feature: Google For Jobs Compliance.

Massive Impressions wrote several blog posts before and after the Google for Jobs functionality was added to WPJobBoard. The posts explained how having a job board in general benefited SEO, how the new features add to the SEO benefits, and instructions for WPJobBoard developers to configure the new features to comply with Google’s standards.

A YouTube video was produced to illustrate the configuration of the new features, visually. This video was embedded into WPJobBoard’s website.

Massive Impressions provided WPJobBoard with key term analysis, investigating which terms are most lucrative for WPJobBoard to use in content marketing efforts.

Massive Impressions continues to implement sites using the WPJobBoard platform., a site owned and operated by Massive Impressions, is a site that uses this technology in two interesting ways. First it is configured to meet Google for Jobs publishing requirements for job listings added by site visitors. Second, the site automatically posts job listings daily. These automatically posted job listings are restricted to jobs within or adjacent to the city of Boca Raton.  The 4boca site is actively maintained daily, a site that demonstrates best practices for using the product. 

If you’re a software publisher and want to leverage Massive Impressions’s experience in the software industry, call us (866) 800-3579.

WPJobBoard is the world’s premiere self-hosted job board and applicant tracking system. 

WPJobBoard is published by a brilliant gentleman, Greg, who also has gained a wonderful reputation providing service to his product’s users. This product is open-source, fully customizable, and complies with technical best practices in an unmatched manner. Packed with features that subscription based ATS competitors lack, this product is super-easy for end users, job authors, recruiters and staffing professionals.

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