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Great Boca Smiles is a local dental practice that listened to what we’d been sharing about the effectiveness of videos for audience engagement and for SEO. Using our in-house video tools and talent, we put together a series of short testimonial videos. These videos were uploaded to YouTube and then embedded directly into the dental site’s pages. The end result looks great, but more importantly since we’ve added the videos the traffic to the site has improved. This month, July, had a record number of appointments through the site which was unexpected in Florida’s slow season, summer. Was it because of these videos? Maybe. Take a look at them and decide.

Dr. Markowitz decided to have a video professionally produced for a cable TV commercial. The :30 second commercial featured testimonials, direct dentist dialogue, and showcased the office environment. In addition to producing a great commercial for TV, at the end we had more than an hour of footage. Most of the footage wasn’t used in the commercial. We saw a great opportunity to leverage the footage for marketing purposes.

Massive Impressions Online Marketing utilizes all kinds of raw footage and adapts it for online use. Here are some of the steps that took this particular project to the next level:

  • Created Testimonial Clips from Existing Sources
    • The raw footage was full of rich content that was able to be repackaged into short, simple-to-watch clips. This allowed Massive Impressions to provide value to the client by using the available assets to their full advantage.
  • Uploaded Produced to YouTube with Keywords
    • The repackaged clips were then uploaded to the Great Boca Smiles YouTube account. Targeted keywords were then added to the titles and descriptions of the videos – adding an extra layer of search engine traction.
  • Embedded Videos on the Client’s Site
    • The newly created YouTube videos were embedded directly on Great Boca Smiles’ website. The addition of these videos to specific pages enhanced the information on the page. We set the videos to not automatically play when the page loads. We also made sure no other videos were shown after the video was done loading.

Take a look at those pages:

Dental Services Page on

Dental Implants Page on

Dr. Markowitz is a Boca Raton dentist specializing in dentures, crowns and cosmetic dentistry. His office is on Glades Road, west of the Turnpike.

  • Video Editing
  • Video Embedding
  • Video Compression & Conversion
  • YouTube Channel Management

Example Videos