LIMS industry marketing

LIMS Industry Marketing

We’re offering LIMS Marketing here at Massive Impressions. We’re ready, like no other marketing company, connect LIMS industry manufacturers to  their laboratory market more effectively.

Our unique ability to reach the LIMS Industry leverages Jason Pelish’s experience in the LIMS Industry. Almost a decade spent in analytical labs set the stage for his work at STARLIMS during their rapidly growing years.This insider knowledge of the LIMS Industry lets Massive Impressions stand apart from other marketing companies. Our learning curve is virtually overcome. We understand the lab data market and we understand the goals of LIMS producers.

From our LIMS industry veteran:

 I really loved working in labs and working for STARLIMS in Hollywood. I joined STARLIMS when they were in small offices. I was named “Product Manager” which meant I helped build the core product and its out-of-the-box functionality. I got to learn directly from Itschak Friedman. What I probably took away from it the most was learning the tempo, learning what it takes to translate business needs into multi-user workflow management tools rapidly. Mr. Friedman taught me how ideas are the most valuable commodity in software development, and how making them manifest is just academic. The same concept applies to marketing. Effective marketing campaigns begin with ideas, but not just any ideas. Experience and market familiarity make the difference between ideas that fail and ideas that succeed. We’ve got both, plus knowledge of successes we’ve forged in other industries.

Every thing we do as marketers is sort of like a test. Data results from our actions and efforts. That data is valuable towards optimizing the marketing and advertising process, improving the Return on Investment (ROI) that our clients spend through us. I couldn’t help but see the marketing workflow and data model in the language that I practiced at STARLIMS. So we built our own marketing tool, Mi360, a Content Marketing Management System that evolved from an advertising planning tool to a fully-automated social media management system. If it weren’t for the experience seeing how the right tools revolutionized laboratory processes, I wouldn’t have had the impetus to bring that power to the marketing industry.

Now I’m switching it reverse, and bringing the power of Massive Impressions Online Marketing and Mi360, to the LIMS Industry, offering marketing excellence beyond the ability of our  competition. If you’re a LIMS vendor, check us out – we are totally ready to help you.

– Jason Pelish, Partner, Massive Impressions Online Marketing

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