Online Marketing Tactics

Online Marketing Tactics are the tools that marketing experts use to reach audiences and make campaigns effective.

PPC is a tactic. Creating blog posts is another. Buying ads is a tactic. An e-mail blast is a tactic. Adding a URL to a directory listing is a tactic. Different tools are used for different jobs.

Specific combinations of tactics might work in one case, for a certain industry or audience, but not work as well for another case, where the industry or audience is different. Experienced marketers know that there’s often a big difference between the tactics that are expected to work before using them and the tactics that prove best after analyzing campaign results.

Every project we work on at Massive Impressions presents unique challenges. We leverage our experience to test combinations of tactics we expect will work for our clients and separate the wheat from the chaff. We keep and refine the tactics and messaging that get results.

Our approach to maximizing your marketing and advertising investment is based on accuracy, precision and transparency. Our proprietary software system, Mi360, and our project management forum that we call our “Production Board” are two ways that we stand apart from our competition. They show you which tactics are working, and let you collaborate with us towards reaching your audience better. These two systems are something we’re very proud of; they don’t just let us do more for less. They expose what we’re doing for you 24/7, in real time.

Call us if being “in-the-loop” with your marketing investment is important to you: (866) 800-3579