is a website for a fine art gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. which holds about 1,300 pieces. The site utilizes the WordPress theme, Bridge and was redesigned in Dec. 2015.

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In late 2015, Mary Ann Cohen approached Massive Impressions and explained she needed a gallery website redesign. The concern was that the site’s image content was being hosted independently on Flickr. The gallery couldn’t depend on the external hosting of these images. The challenge was to scrape, identify and categorize all these image resources.

Our gallery website redesign made it easier for the curators to maintain the site. Now they can add new works, new artists, new events, and blog posts easily without requiring our intervention.

Our gallery website redesign has the newest bells and whistles for high-impact, low cost engagement.

Share buttons and advanced social integration technology was enabled and has been driving free qualified clicks to their site since launch.

Having a new website with advanced capabilities motivated MacFineArt to engage with us in an ad campaign for their upcoming show.