Animated HTML5 Event Promo Display Banners

The hottest, most click-driving event promo banners are HTML 5 banners. Google’s AdWords is the network we run these types of banners on the most, but as you can see below, we can insert these banners on any web page. Google started requiring banner producers like us to produce our banners, with complex animations and advanced banner features, using only their relatively new Web Designer Tool. Only ads built in this Google tool can be run on their network if they’re going to go beyond single files.

Events that we promoted using these banners have been very successful. When new audiences have to be reached, the targeting capacity of Google Adwords lets us focus our client’s ad spend very effectively. That, combined with the visual features allowing these ads to attract attention easily, yields very low cost-per-click rates for our campaigns.

Static Event Promo Banners

Static banners are often necessary. The opportunities to insert banners into your own site layouts or other publications are often limited; in these cases the banners can’t be animated. Examples of instances where static banners are required include:

  • the Featured Image for WordPress Posts,
  • posts to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter,
  • and where publishers limit the ad types, excluding opportunities to use animation.

Animated HTML 5 Event Promo Display Ads

This portfolio listing showcases banners we made to promote two Open House events for our client, CardioMender, MD. The first event was an event in Spring, a time when the audience is more concerned with weight loss as Summer approaches. The second event was in Fall, a time that’s historically less important for the audience to lose weight. Each event had it’s own strengths and weaknesses in terms of how difficult it was to promote.

All of these banner  sets were run on AdWords, Google’s ad-distribution network. The cost per-click for these campaigns was less than fourty cents, in all cases, and less than twenty cents for the majority of the campaign. The low cost per click, relative to historical campaign performance in years past, made advertising via display ads a tactic we couldn’t afford to slow down.

April 2016 – Spring Open House Event

This April event was a big one. They had record sales despite a moderate turnout caused by the weather. The theme to this event was “7th Birthday Party”. There were specials, raffles, prizes and promotions. Attendees and our client gave the event good reviews, so we considered this a successful event.

300 x 250

300 x 600

160 x 600

728 x 90

November 2016 – Fall Open House Event

The Fall event featured weight loss food and new weight loss products. We’ve been doing a lot of blogging and audience building over the summer, keeping the brand exposed through general promotions and display ads.  This event was called “The Holiday Weight Loss Food Expo”. It too was very successful, with record sales again.

When we create a second series of banners, based on some initial set we already have, for example the ones above, the production time is much less than the time and cost required to produce the banners the first time. This translates into savings for our clients, not having to “reinvent the wheel” each time new but similar banners are needed for new campaigns.

300 x 250

300 x 600

160 x 600

Static Image Event Promo Banners

Organizations need to promote events whether they’ve got needs to run display advertising or not. Banners get produced to promote these events. These banners end up going on the event host’s website, on social media posts, get used as ads, and sometimes get used in print pieces.

Static images have been part of traditional marketing materials for as long as people have been able to draw. So the tactics around putting them to use involve getting them in front of audience eyes, spread out in the form of leaflets, brochures, print ads, signs, posters and even mural art/graffiti. In today’s consumer environment, there’s a lot competing for attention. Creating high-impact, aesthetically pleasing, brand enforcing work is how results are maintained.

The first image below is the static image banner that was used to promote the CardioMender, MD November Open House event. The last two images are banners that promoted Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club monthly luncheon events.

open house event promo banner