Prosper Beyond needed a to create a healthcare consulting website. So they engaged us, Massive Impressions,for a healthcare consulting website design. Once the process began we discovered that more than just a website was needed. We needed to name the company, develop the logo, lock down the domain and style. The prerequisites to building a healthcare consulting website weren’t ready, so Massive Impressions provided them quickly. During the summer of 2016 the founder came to us and asked for help building a website. As we started we realized more was needed; we ended up helping build the entire brand.

healthcare consultant website homepage - Prosper Beyond

We’ve helped many new businesses get started online, and we’ve seen  the impact of having a well thought out name versus a hastily chosen name. It can make or break a new business. It’s the primary thing that resonates in prospect’s minds, the tangible identity attached to the brand promise, the benefit the audience perceives.   It takes some analysis and patience to find a great name; a thorough review of the audience and competition help focus the process, working from the outside in. Before we chose a name, we had to think forward about the audience we wanted to attract to this new healthcare consulting website. We had to make sure domain names were available before we settled on the name. Many options were considered. The name chosen reflected a balanced combination of stakeholder preferences and empirical judgement, conveying the core benefit to the audience through the brand identity.

The choice of a strong name allowed creating a strong and memorable logo, let us lock in the colors combining stakeholder preferences and color theory to yield a palette maintained through collateral. This healthcare consulting website design flowed from the colors, fonts and shapes of the logo, reinforcing the degree of harmony that’s a hallmark of high-end website design. Prosper Beyond achieved a lot very quickly and with a high quality look that is comparable to the design level of F500 brand websites.

Stakeholders had published many papers and a new book. These were featured in the site in a “Published Works” section and in the site’s blog. The blog format was leveraged to create a foundation for social engagement. Features like these help distinguish Prosper Beyond’s unique value to their audience.

MACRA page on Prosper Beyond - healthcare consulting website

Prosper Beyond is a specialized healthcare consulting practice dedicated to helping providers navigate changes to the healthcare industry. Key focus areas include next generation managed care contracting, revenue cycle and MACRA readiness. The name, brand, logo and website were developed in partnership with Massive Impressions over the summer and fall of 2016.

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