Tomer Search Group is an Executive Search firm established in the Northeast, serving clients who need top-notch executive talent. We redesigned their site. This executive search website redesign met specific  stakeholder expectations. Can you tell what design motif  was requested?

This site uses a new kind of layout that’s grown in popularity recently: the “one page” site design. WordPress has several third-party themes that use this approach. The one we used for this site is called “Patti”. It allows each section in the one-page design to have a unique URL. Clicking on most of the top menu links jumps the visitor down to a specific section on the homepage.

This layout deviates from the best-practice of deploying content across separate pages. Instead of creating a “cornerstone” architecture for the site, everything is put on one page.  With this layout there’s less to benefit a domain’s traffic from search engines, but if that’s what a stakeholder wants and has as an expectation, we can deliver.

This was the first site we’ve deployed using this one-page approach. It required the same image selection and cropping considerations as other responsive designs – making sure the images appear as intended across both desktop and mobile versions. Having so much content, particularly high-resolution image content, imposed a heightened need for a strong motif.

The Founder and President, Dave, was asked what kind of site he likes and what kind of imagery represented the business. He told us his expectations for the motif: sheepdogs. We delivered.

He has a sheepdog and knows a lot about sheepdogs. We had to get sheepdogs right so we searched far and wide for the best sheepdog images we could find. We were unable to get permission for some of the best ones we wanted to use, but ended up, through repeated searches, to find ones that were comparable.

Sheepdogs aren’t just defined by their signature appearance. What makes them a distinct breed is what they can do. This made the choice of using sheepdogs as the motif pay off; we were able to tell a story about Tomer Search Group’s brand benefit using the sheepdogs to illustrate the actions, feelings and relationships we wanted to convey.

You can see Dave and his sheepdog in the last image. Dave is also a stakeholder in another project we began immediately after this re-design was published. That project is also complete now and we’ll show an example of it in our portfolio soon as well.

We’ve been hosting for close to a decade now, having designed the site initially with WordPress. Below is a screenshot of the site’s previous design. Back when it was published, there wasn’t much concern about “responsive” sites, sites that stretch and snap their content attractively across desktops, tablets and smartphones. Now, however, that’s critical. Now we see more than 1/2 the visitors looking at sites using something different than desktop computers. Now people are looking at sites through their phones so having a site that’s responsive is critical.

Tomer Search Group recognized the importance of keeping up with technology standards. The result for their executive search website redesign effort payed off; the site now meets standards and is more visually pleasing as a result.  The new site design, above, looks much better compared to the old site design, below.

The old site design – not mobile friendly despite being built with WordPress. #oldschool

Tomer Search Group helps companies grow and succeed by connecting them with exceptional, game-changing executive talent.

TSG’s  team of experienced search professionals and connections offer a personal and focused search experience, providing clients with tailor-made solutions for finding executive talent. They find the “keepers”.

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