B2C Site Design for Smartphone and Tablet Mount Brand

MountNGo approached Massive Impressions to create a site design that made the most of Squarespace. The site was already hosted on Squarespace, a hosting provider that restricts its clients to using a limited set of pre-defined, configurable templates. Squarespace provides e-commerce functionality and other easy-editing features that needed to be kept. This need made moving the site less than advantageous, so we were asked what we could do.

The template that was being used already had an HTML-5 video background, but it didn’t showcase what was being sold – the tablet and phone mounts. That video was moved to a new page/subsite that was created to showcase their third product, the Voice Activation App that was designed for use with the mounts. A new video was created to showcase the use of the tablet and phone mounts more directly. That new video was used as the HTML-5 video background for the new homepage.

The above HTML-5 video background uses YouTube to serve the videos. This puts less strain on the web-servers of the web host.

The initial version of the video set us in a certain direction (v1) but wasn’t exactly what was needed. It didn’t sit right in the Squarespace template.

The second version of the video was the first to include the products being shown in the bottom half. (v2)

The third version took the final form but needed some edits to the cuts being used. (v3)

The fourth and final version was what was used in the final design. (v4)

All of these videos are hosted on YouTube in a private mode (Unlisted) that prevents them from being shown on the MountNGo YouTube Channel or displayed in searched.

Pages were added. In addition to adding new pages around the app, pages were added that specifically showcased both the tablet mounts and the phone mounts with the appropriate keywords. Both products were showcased together previously. A more need-centric design made it so that buyers looking for phone mounts were shown what they were after in the menu and on specific pages, separating them from buyers looking for tablet mounts and vice versa.

If you’re looking for a phone or tablet mount for your vehicle or sporting gear, get a MountNGo.

MountNGo makes phone and tablet mounts. Their mounts are designed for attaching phones and tablets to sporting equipment, mostly used for capturing and streaming live footage from GoPro™ cameras. The mounts were designed in conjunction with the University of Maine and are now being sold to the public under the MountNGo brand. They’ve been attached to skis, snowboards, paddleboards, kayaks, motorcycles, bicycles, boats and even to kitchen counters.  Professional riders trust their ruggedized tablets and phones will be protected with MountNGo.

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