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Tonya  Scholz had been streaming online broadcasts, weekly, for years before she approached Massive Impressions to help her with the hosting and presentation of her growing library of archived shows. The Social Chats show has four weekly shows covering South Florida, Finance, Healthcare and Eldercare/Aging.  Massive Impressions provided her with an easy way to manage and add show listings quickly, showcasing them perfectly.

This was such a perfect application for WordPress. Every show needed to be added to the homepage, stacked on top of the other recent shows. That’s how WordPress works out of the box. The theme Pixel Power seemed perfect as well. It took a very short amount of time to get the site’s previous content migrated to this new hosting account on the Massive Impressions servers. It took an even shorter amount of time to acquaint Tonya with the specifics of how to maintain consistency within this theme. She is able to add links to shows even before they go live, so she can promote the show with a URL on her site before broadcast time.

She also asked Massive Impression’s Jason Pelish, long time South Florida resident and streaming veteran, to be her co-host for the Tuesday 1pm show about South Florida. They talk about local issues, events, and of course – online marketing.

Do you want to be interviewed on Social Chats?

Let Tonya know by telling her all about your business, organization or cause using this online form. Fill it out and she’ll get in touch with you about scheduling.

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Social Chats with Tonya Scholz is a multi-media web show that takes place four times a week, live, every week. Topics covered are South Florida, Healthcare, Aging and Finance. Tonya and her weekly regular guest hosts interview industry experts and share the latest information, direct from experts, live on YouTube, Facebook and other streaming technologies. Tonya is a natural at broadcasting and is a lead member of  Women in Communication.

New broadcasting technologies aren’t just discussed, they’re tested and put into the shows. Tonya is always experimenting with ways to give her audience a unique experience and her guests a new voice.

She’s invited Jason, from Massive Impressions, to be her co-host on Tuesdays, at 1pm. The show is live and broadcast from different locations – always something different – that’s what it’s about.   Tune in for their show about South Florida every week at that time by visiting the website.

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