Our first staffing site with jobs and an ATS integrated directly on-site. No third-party subscriptions!

a new site with jobs

This IT Staffing site with jobs is unique among the sites that we’ve published before it. An on-site job board was implemented successfully, allowing the client to move the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) functions away from third party vendors. High-end artistic talent wrapped around one of the best themes for WordPress rendered a great looking, future-proofed site.

Another amazing redesign of an existing site.

The site was a redesign of their existing site and copied the style of the brand, but expanded upon it. Their previous site was not mobile-friendly. This site went live just in time for Mobilegeddon, and kept itself from suffering from Google’s non-mobile penalty.

Job Board Functionality: Job Listings & Applicant Tracking – All On-Site!

We now have the ability to deploy “job board” functionality directly on the sites we develop now, as a one-time cost during site buildout. Our clients now can have a staffing site with jobs included on-site, not linked away. This means clients and stakeholders will have a direct and immediate ability to add job listings to their site in minutes. It also collects candidate applications. It does it in a slick way that integrates directly with LinkedIn, and gives the best candidates an amazingly fast application process that collects all the data, immediately and unambiguously.  Best of all, it is super-flexible; we can configure it to any client’s business rules.

The SEO Impact of an On-Site Job Board

From a technical, results marketing perspective, having a job board built directly into the site allows the site owner to maintain SEO like never before. Staffing companies have often had to throw away their best opportunity to get search engine ranking by posting their best content, job listings, on third party sites. This did nothing for them and everything for the third party sites. This is how Indeed skyrocketed, they leveraged everyone’s frequently changing content, job listings, to propel themselves to the top of the search engine results.

With a job board installed directly on the site, instead of being hosted at a third party, the site keeps it’s precious SEO traction instead of handing it away.

Having this site moved to the Massive Impressions servers and put on WordPress was an enormous boost to the domain. This web design will be able to be proudly used for many years to come, providing a platform for great marketing and promotion.

Weldon Global IT is a IT Staffing with experience placing veterans and IT talent with engineering skill sets. It needed an on-site job board and trusted Massive Impression to produce their site and integrate the on-site ATS technology. Our marketing partner, Digital Infusion, brought us in on this project, lead the project and managed the site-build out according to client expectations.  Lisa McCarthy, head of Digital Infusion, worked directly with the client on the content marketing necessary to bring the site messaging forward for this re-design.

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Visit Weldon Global IT and examine their job board directly. It’s a live, production site, so please don’t “test apply”.