We’ve been publishing WordPress Plugins for more than a decade now, but they’ve been relatively simple until now, used in proprietary systems, closed technologies. Now we’re publishing consumer level products, WordPress Plugins, that need to be purchased and licensed.  In order to facilitate the sale, licensing, activation, updating and support of the technologies we create, we’ve created SHOP.MASSIVEIMPRESSIONS.COM.

This site is based on WordPress, uses Woocommerce and sells the Plugin licensing directly, without the need to leave the site. It does not use third-party vendors like Automattic or Envato to manage the sales process – the entire process takes place exclusively on the site.

License keys are automatically generated and sent to buyers without need to manual intervention or review.

The first product being sold on this site is Art Gallery Plugin for WordPress. There are three levels: Single Site License, Multi-Site License and Lifetime License. Upcoming products will also be offered here including: News RSS Aggregator, WP Sample Manager and more.

We designed this e-commerce subdomain site to manage the sale, updating and licensing of our online technologies.

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Visit our SHOP to see the new site design live. Browse the product pages, documentation and support forums.