Larry and Bryan, partners at Team LBR, contacted Jason and asked for an improvement to their homepage design. The previous design featured a “homepage slider” slideshow and custom graphics. However, Team LBR had worn those “clothes” and wanted something new to represent the brand. It’s an exciting time for Detroit, so Team LBR’s site need to get visitors excited.

After examining competitor websites and discussing the directions we could go, a video montage approach was decided upon.

A logo treatment using After Effects came out nicely in the end result. Larry and Bryan were happy and now Team LBR’s site looks better than ever.

Team LBR has over 50 years experience in the sales, rental and property management of single-family and multi-family homes throughout Michigan and the Greater Detroit Area.

Video Editing
Web Design
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere
Mobile Design
Responsive Design
Slider Design

Visit to see the new site design live.